ESS Scholarships and Fellowships

Warner College of Natural Resources Scholarships

Scholarships are available to undergraduates, including entering freshman, through the Warner College of Natural Resources. Visit the Warner College of Natural Resources Scholarships page to learn general scholarship information or to begin the application process.

For additional information on other WCNR scholarship opportunities and financial aid, visit WCNR Scholarships and Financial Aid.

ESS Department Awards

David A. Falletti Memorial Award for Watershed Science ($500) awarded to a Watershed Science undergrad or graduate student as decided by the Watershed faculty and the ASCs.

The Eldor Paul Award for Ecosystem Science awarded to an Ecosystem Science and Sustainability undergraduate or graduate as decided by the ESS faculty and ASCs. 

Past Recipients of the Eldor Paul Award:

  • Travis Croft, 2020
  • Alexis Meyer, 2021
  • Kaydee Barker, 2022
  • Melina Takvorian, 2023

NREL Scholarships

Award by application, usually due June 1st. Decided by the NREL Scholarship committee, led by Randy Boone.

– Francis Clark Soil Biology Scholarship (~$5000)

– James E. Ellis Memorial Scholarship ($1500)

NREL Scholarship Website 

ESS Scholarships 

Apply through the CSU scholarship portal by March 1, with at least one recommendation letter.

– The Bob and Nedra Dils Scholarship ($1,800) – WR graduate student
– The Lee and Hillary MacDonald Graduate Scholarship in Watershed Science ($2,000) – WR graduate student
– The W.G. Dugan Wilkinson Scholarship ($1,000) – WR undergraduate (junior) from within the Platte River basin
– T&C Madson Scholarship ($750) – WR student (undergrad or grad) with preference to a veteran (Air Force)
– Y Cross Ranch Scholarship ($14,000 across the department) 

WCNR Scholarships 

Apply through the CSU scholarship portal by March 1, with at least one recommendation letter.

Numerous Available

WCNR Awards 

Due early March, these are selected by the WCNR Awards committee based on nominations. Awarded to students, staff, and faculty.

ESS S-STEM Fellowship

The ESS S-STEM Fellowship was awarded from 2015-2020 through a grant from the National Science Foundation. It provided eligible Colorado residents in ESS and Watershed Science the opportunity to study environmental change and solutions in a scholarly program supporting their student success. Fellows received up to $10,000 per year based on merit and financial need.

External Scholarships 

There are numerous scholarships external to CSU for which ESS and WSS students are eligible. Check out the External Scholarship List to find scholarships, fellowships, and awards you may be eligible for. External scholarships have due dates throughout the year, so plan ahead for the ones you are interested in. Some scholarships, especially those from smaller organizations, may vary year to year in award amount and due date. This list is updated periodically by ESS staff.

The Colorado Water Center also has a fantastic list of water-related scholarships they maintain on their website!