Checkout Laptop Policy

Last updated June, 2019

The policies governing the use of these checkout laptops and all associated accessories such as power adapters and mice (herein referred to together as “equipment”) are below. By checking out equipment students are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:


Eligible Participants

  • Only students officially recognized as majors, secondary majors, or minors in the college, or currently enrolled in a class can check out equipment from computer labs.
  • Equipment cannot be reserved for use by an entire class. All equipment is meant for individual use only.
  • A valid CSU student ID must be presented to check out equipment. Other forms of identification are not acceptable.
  • A student can only check out one laptop at a time.


Standard Checkout Durations

  • All equipment is due back 5 hours from the time it was checked out or 30 minutes before the lab closes.
  • Students are responsible for knowing the closing time of the lab.
  • A Standard Checkout is never to be kept overnight.
  • A student may only renew equipment if there are other laptops available at the time of check-in.


Extended Checkout Duration

  • Extended Laptop checkouts can be made for 4 days. This will allow for weekend checkouts.
  • Extended Checkouts will also get a charger. A laptop case and mouse are available on request.
  • A student may only renew equipment if there are other laptops available at the time of check-in.
  • Semester long checkouts are allowed on recommendation of your academic advisor and availability of laptops.
  • Any checkouts that need to go past 4 days must be approved by the computer lab manager at


Software Installed and Access to WCNR Resources

  • The laptops have most of the same software installed on them as the lab desktop computers.
  • Laptops will have access to the internet via CSU’s wireless network.
  • Students will have access to the college network drives and should save all work to these drives.
  • Printing is not available on the laptops.


Liability, Late Returns, and Misuse

  • Students are financially responsible for all equipment they check out.
  • Students should never leave any equipment checked out from the labs unattended.
  • Warnings will be sent electronically to the student’s university email address upon each late return.
  • Where necessary, the college will seek financial restitution from students who do not return equipment.
  • The college reserves the right to revoke checkout privileges at any time based upon violation of the above policies. (including, but not limited to, returning damaged equipment, not returning equipment, or returning equipment late).
  • Students are responsible for reading and understanding the above policies.