Applied Physiological Ecology of Fishes Lab Employment Opportunities

Graduate Student Opportunities

There are no graduate student opportunities at this time.

You are encouraged to check this page (and the sources listed below) periodically if you are interested in working in the CSU FPEL.

Interested in joining the CSU Fish Physiological Ecology Laboratory as a graduate student?  Here is some useful information:

  • We only take on new graduate students when we have a funded research project to support them.  We occasionally consider hosting new graduate students who have already secured a source of funding for their stipend and research.
  • Graduate positions are generally filled following a national search.  Openings will be posted on this page, on the American Fisheries Society Job Board, and on the Texas A&M Fish and Wildlife Job Board.
  • All prospective applicants should meet the minimum admission requirements of the Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology and the CSU Graduate School.
  • Prospective graduate students are strongly encouraged to contact Chris Myrick prior to submitting a formal application through the CSU Graduate School.


Undergraduate Internship & Technician Opportunities

The Fish Physiological Ecology Laboratory has a long history of providing internship and employment opportunities to undergraduates at CSU who are interested in fisheries research.  These opportunities are tied directly to ongoing research projects and will provide students with hands-on experience working directly with FPEL graduate students and faculty on those projects.  The positions are announced and filled on an as-needed basis, and may include laboratory and field work.  Openings will be posted on this page and paid positions will also be advertised through the CSU Student Employment Service.