How to Apply

All Plan A & B Master’s Program and Ph.D. Program applicants are reviewed throughout the year.  Plan C Online M.F.W.C.B. degree applicants have deadlines to apply for the Fall semester and Spring semester.

How to apply – Plan A & B Master’s Program and Ph.D. Program:

  1. Review the FWCB faculty website to determine which faculty’s research aligns with your professional goals and interests.  Once you determine 1 – 3 faculty members you would like to work with, we strongly encourage you to research and read their research papers to familiarize yourself with their work.
  2. After you are familiar with their work, please contact the faculty member directly to discuss your resume, work experience, and career goals.
  3. Once an FWCB faculty member has agreed to support or recommend your application for admittance to the FWCB Graduate Program, please apply online at the CSU Online Graduate Application.  You will need supporting materials — narrative (statement of purpose), resume, and an official transcript from each college/university attended. GRE scores are not required for our Department.
  4. The FWCB Department requires all graduate students to have a faculty advisor prior to being recommended for admittance to the FWCB Graduate Affairs Committee and CSU Graduate Admissions Office.
  5. When all required documents are received, the application is routed and reviewed by faculty.
  6. All applicants are notified of review results. Please email WCNR_FWCB_Info@Mail.ColoState.EDU or call the department at (970) 491-5020 for more information.

How to apply – Plan C Online M.F.W.C.B. degree program:

Please view application requirements and deadlines at

General Information

All students (except Plan C Online M.F.W.C.B. Degree) are admitted to our graduate program on an individual basis depending upon the availability of funded projects obtained by each faculty member.

Please research our faculty profiles to determine which faculty have research interests similar to your own.  Contact those faculty to determine if they have funding available and are accepting new students.

Admission decisions are based on academic performance, letters of recommendations, work experience, evidence of scientific productivity, leadership qualities, and a personal statement. Students with a cumulative undergraduate GPA above 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) or better meet minimal requirements but does not guarantee admittance into the program. We have many highly qualified applicants; therefore, if you do not exceed these minimum standards, you are not encouraged to apply.

If your undergraduate degree is in an area outside of the physical, chemical, or biological sciences such as liberal arts, business, education, or psychology, you probably are not eligible for our M.S. or Ph.D. program. One option may be to complete a second bachelor’s degree or take graduate level course work to strengthen your background for possible graduate admission later.

Students in our program generally may not apply for a Ph.D. program without first earning a M.S. degree.
Students interested in an interdisciplinary program may wish to apply to CSU’s Graduate Degree Program in Ecology.


For general information regarding graduate school, please visit the CSU Graduate School website.