Department Seminars

Department Seminars

The Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology Graduate Faculty Seminar (FW692) meets Friday (and occasionally on Monday) afternoon in the Wagar building (the exact time and location varies by semester).

  • Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology Graduate Faculty Seminar


Other Seminar Opportunities


Continuing education

The following are Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology Independent Learning Courses. Please contact Continuing Education at Colorado State University for further information.
  • FW 355 – Hunter Education for Instructors – This course is designed to provide training as well as to encourage hunter education instructors in providing high-quality learning experiences by demonstrating knowledge of the learning process; effective teaching behavior; and knowledge, skills, and ethics associated with hunting.
  • FW 556 – Leopold’s Ethic for Wildlife and Land -Aldo Leopold’s philosophy, knowledge, and inspiration has application for everyone interested in the environment. Leopold’s “A Sand County Almanac” and “Game Management” text were influential during the environmental movement of the 1950’s and 1960’s.
  • FW 557 – Wildlife Habitat on the Great Plains -Wildlife populations have been altered on the Great Plains because of agricultural development and human settlement. This course is an overview of management of cover, food, and water for wildlife and fish of the Great Plains.
  • FW 575 – Wildlife Habitat Evaluation for Educators -This course provides educators with basic concepts and skills about the Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Program and with strategies to teach these concepts and skills in the classroom.
  • FW 576 – Wildlife Policy, Administration and Law – This course focuses on wildlife policy specifically. Wildlife occupies a wide range of habitats and is treated in various ways; thus this course also relates to diverse issues ranging from wildlife utilization to protection in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.