Our Major in FWCB

We offer one major in Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology and students choose from 3 concentrations in:
  • Conservation Biology
  • Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
  • Wildlife Biology

See “Degree Tracks” for in-depth information.

Learn from a truly outstanding faculty

Our faculty and students placed first in nation-wide rankings of scholarly productivity and citations of publications in leading wildlife journals and have earned international, national, and state awards for excellence in research, teaching, and outreach.

Together, we solve environmental problems

We were the first academic program to emphasize the importance of incorporating public input and two-way communication in decision-making for wildlife policy.  Our program has an international reputation for developing new quantitative methods in applied ecology and conservation biology.  Results of these initiatives have often had important policy implications.  Our faculty have worked to remediate the toxic effects of mining wastes, pesticides, and other contaminants in aquatic and terrestrial habitats and food webs.

Research and teaching go hand in hand

Each year our program is awarded external research grants exceeding $3 million, which helps students gain essential field experience as they apply what they learn.  Research results are brought immediately into the classroom so our students learn the very latest information, and students have been part of this process by coauthoring scientific publications in nationally peer-reviewed journals.

Join our outstanding undergraduate student body and have fun!

We are actively seeking ways to increase the cultural diversity of our student body by attracting highly qualified individuals from throughout the state and nation.  And we are proud of the fact that women comprise half of our graduates.  Our students participate in on-campus seminars and forums, professional activities through self-organized student chapters, and in research projects with mentors from CSU faculty and scientists at neighboring governmental and nongovernmental agencies.  Opportunities abound for students to interact with each other and faculty, including social events sponsored by student organizations, e.g. banquets and student fund-raising events with student chapters of the American Fisheries Society, the Society for Conservation Biology and The Wildlife Society.

Our Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology program offers students the opportunity to study and work with renowned researchers in diverse topics such as:
Animal populations                           Conservation biology and biodiversity         Conservation genetics
Ecosystem management                  Ecotoxicology                                                Endangered species
Fisheries management                     Habitats                                                          Human and wildlife conflicts
Integrated resource management   Larval fish ecology and taxonomy               Policy, communications and leadership

Join Our Program - Talk to our Advising Faculty

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