Degree Courses

The following graduate courses are taught by Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology faculty.  Please refer to the Colorado State University catalog for additional information and course descriptions.  Please refer to the CSU Online M.F.W.C.B. Plan C webpage for online course descriptions and information.

ECOL CoursesTitle InstructorSyllabus
ECOL 620 Applied Landscape EcologyDr Kyle HortonSpring

FWCB CoursesTitle MS PLAN A/B and PhDMFWCB Plan C ( Online Only)InstructorSemester Offered/Syllabus
FW544EcotoxicologyxxDr. Will Clements (In Person)
Dr. Gail Dethloff (Online)
Spring Even Years (In Person)
Spring (Online)
FW551Design of Fish And Wildlife Studies xxDr. Luke GeorgeFall
FW552Applied Sampling for Wildlife/Fish Studies xxDr. Lise AubrySpring
FW553Adaptive Fish and Wildlife ManagementxxDr. Bill Kendall (In Person/Online)
Dr. Heather Jackson (Online)
FW555Conservation Biology xxTBD (In Person)
Dr. Heather Jackson (Online)
Fall (Online)
FW558Conservation Genetics of Wild VertebratesxDr Jennifer NeuwaldSpring
FW562Principles of Fish and Wildlife Population DynamicsxDr. Dana Winkelman (Even Years)
Dr. Luke George (Odd Years)
FW563Analyses of sampled Vertebrate PopulationsxDr. Luke GeorgeFall
FW564Science of Managing Human-Wildlife ConflictsxDr. Russ ReidingerFall
FW567Wildlife Disease EcologyxxTBD (In Person)
Dr. Stacey Elmore (Online)
Fall (Online)
FW572Wildlife Conservation CommunicationsxDr. Heather JacksonSpring
FW577Wildlife Habitat ManagementxDr. Gail DethloffFall
FW579Wildlife Conservation Policy-Current EventsxDr. Ed ArnettFall
FW605Advanced Physiological Ecology of Fishes xDr. Chris Myrick Spring Even
FW662Wildlife Population DynamicsxDr. Dana Winkelman and Dr. David Koons Spring Odd
FW663Sampling and Analysis of Vertebrate Populations xDr. Larissa Bailey and Dr. Bill KendallSpring Even
FW673Hierarchical Modeling in Ecology xFall Odd
FW692Graduate Seminar SeriesxFWCB Professors
FW696Graduate SeminarxDr. Joel BergerFall
FW696Graduate Student Orientation- Group StudyxFWCB Professors

NR CoursesTitle MS Plan A/b and PhDMFWCB Plan C (online only)InstructorSemester Offered/Syllabus
NR515Natural Resourses Policy and BiodiversityxDr. Ed ArnettSpring