The Wildlife Society

The Wildlife Society is an international, scientific, and educational organization that serves wildlife professionals and students. The Colorado State University Student Chapter provides hands-on learning, professional speakers, and volunteering opportunities, to cultivate academic, social and career interests in wildlife management. (see

TWS members caught in a drop net set off at a CDOW wildlife management skills workshop.

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Wildlife Society members at a visit to the CDOW research pens in Fort Collins

The Coffee Table is Up and Running! However, we are always looking for more people! The coffee table is a great way to get involved and give back to the club. Volunteering entails committing a minimum of one hour a week for the semester, to serve coffee in the Warner College atrium. Questions can be directed toward

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TWS Schedule of Events

Meetings are held every other Tuesday at 6:00 pm in Wagar 232 unless otherwise posted.  Visit us on Facebook! Click here to go to our page!

TWS Contact Information

 Send a message to this email and the current TWS Secretary will respond.