Skills of the trade

Course Syllabi

Forestry Courses   
Course/SyllabusTitleInstructor(s)Time of Offering
F 101Intro to Forest and Rangeland StewardshipTroy Ocheltree & Jeremy SueltenfussFall
F 209Introduction to Forest and Rangeland EcologyJeremy SueltenfussFall
F 230Forest Field MeasurementsSummer
F/RS 310Forest & Rangeland EcogeographyTroy OcheltreeFall/Spring
F 311Forest EcologyLaura MarshallFall/Spring
F 312DendrologySeth ExFall/Spring
F 321Forest BiometryFall
F 322Economics of the Forest EnvironmentJarod DunnFall/Spring
F 324Fire Effects and AdaptationsCamille Stevens-RumannSpring
F 325SilvicultureSarah Hart
Wilfred Previant
F 326Wildland Fire Behavior & ManagementChad HoffmanFall
F 330Timber Harvesting and the EnvironmentWilfred Previant
Seth Davis
F 421Application of SilvicultureSarah Hart
Wilfred Previant
F 421Forest Stand ManagementSarah HartFall
F 422Quantitative Methods in Forest ManagementYu WeiFall
F 425Advanced Wildland Fire Management Chad HoffmanSpring
F/HORT 466Urban & Community ForestryKeith Wood, James Klett and Diana SelbyFall (Enrollment Dependent)
F 510Ecophysiology of TreesTroy OcheltreeSpring (Even Years)
F 521Adv Quant Methods-Forestry IIYu WeiFall
F 524Forest Fire Meteorology and BehaviorChad HoffmanSpring
F 572Advanced Silviculture PracticesWilfred PreviantSpring
F 574Climate Adaptive Forest ManagementCourtney PetersonFall
F 575Monitoring for Advanced SilvicultureSeth ExFall
F 576Advanced Silviculture CapstoneSeth ExSpring
F 624Fire EcologyMonique RoccaFall (Odd Years)
F 624 OnlineFire EcologyPeter BrownSpring
F 610Advanced Forest EcologyMiranda RedmondSpring (Odd Years)
F 695Independent Study As NeededNon-Variable Credit Override Form Required for Registration
F 698/798ResearchAs NeededNon-Variable Credit Override Form Required for Registration
F 699ThesisAs NeededNon-Variable Credit Override Form Required for Registration
F 799DissertationAs NeededNon-Variable Credit Override Form Required for Registration
Natural Resource Courses   
Course/SyllabusTitleInstructor(s)Time of Offering
NR 130 Global Environmental Systems Jeff Carroll
NR 150OceanographyScott Denning
NR 193First Year SeminarMegan Mardesen and Tiara Marshall Fall/Spring
NR 220Natural Resource Ecology and Measurements Summer
NR 312Applied Insect EcologySeth DavisSpring
NR 319Geospatial Applications in Natural Resources Laura HannaFall/Spring
NR 320 Natural Resource History and Policy Robin RothfederFall/Spring
NR 321Natural Resource Rights and ReconciliationDominique David-ChavezSpring
NR 322Introduction to Geographic Information SystemsElizabeth TulanowskiFall/Spring
NR 370Coastal Environmental Ecology Ursula QuillmannFall/Spring (Enrollment Dependent)
NR 420Integrated Ecosystem Management Robin RothfederFall/Spring
NR 421Natural Resource Sampling Spring
NR 422GIS Applications in Natural Resource Management Shayne MagstadtSpring
NR 423Applications of Global Positioning Systems Joshua ReylingFall/Spring
NR 425Natural Resource Policy & Sustainability Courtney Schultz
Niki vonHedemann
NR 444Fire Economics and PolicyYu WeiFall
NR 477Restoration Case Studies Field TripTony Cheng and Mark PaschkeFall
NR 479Restoration Case StudiesTony Cheng and Mark PaschkeFall
NR 493Seminar-GIS & Remote Sensing Applications Beth TulanowskiSpring
NR 512Spatial Statistical Modeling-Natural Resources Fall
NR 537Ranch Management and Stewardship SeminrTony Vorster and Bil RommeFall
NR 538Skills in Ranch ManagementTony Vorster and Bob SturtevantFall
NR 565 (Online)Principles of Natural Resources EcologySonya Le FebreFall
NR 566Natural Resource Inventory and AnalysisWilfred PreviantFall/Spring
NR 567Analysis of Environmental ImpactsTony ChengFall/Spring
NR 567 (Online)Analysis of Environmental ImpactsRobin RothfederFall/Spring
NR 577 (Online)Wetland Ecology and RestorationJeremy SueltenfussFall
NR 578Ecology of Disturbed LandsJeff CarrollFall/Spring
NR 578 (Online)Ecology of Disturbed LandsCamille Stevens-Ruman Fall/Spring
NR 581A6Forest & Rangelands Field EcologySeth DavisFall (Odd Years)
NR 581B1Introduction to Natural Resource Research and ProfessionalismSeth DavisFall
NR 592Seminar in Natural ResourcesSonya Le FebreSpring
NR 625Community-Based Natural Resource ManagementMaria Fernandez-GimenezSpring (Even Years)
NR 678Advanced Ecological RestorationShabana HooseinSpring
NR 678 (Online)Advanced Ecological RestorationJayne Jonas-BrattenFall
NR 693Natural Resources Stewardship SeminarSonya LeFebreFall
NR 693 (Online)Natural Resources Stewardship SeminarSonya LeFebreFall/Spring
Range Courses   
Course/Syllabus TitleInstructor(s)Time of Offering
RS 300Rangeland Conservation and StewardshipCarrie HavrillaFall
RS 300 (Online)Rangeland Conservation and StewardshipAndy BartlettFall
F/RS 310Forest and Rangeland Ecogeography Troy OcheltreeFall/Spring
RS 312Rangeland Plant Identification LabChristine BernFall
RS 329Rangeland Assessment Summer
RS 378Disturbance Ecology Jeremy SultenfussSpring
RS 432Rangeland Measurements Jake CourkampFall
RS 452Rangeland Herbivore Ecology and Management Carrie HavrillaSpring
RS 452 (Online)Rangeland Herbivore Ecology and Management Casey MatneySpring
RS 478Restoration Ecology Shabana HooseinSpring
RS 500 (Online)Advanced Rangeland Management Casey MatneySpring
RS 532Range Ecosystem Sampling Jake CourkampFall
RS 630 (Online)Ecology of Grasslands and Shrublands Jake CourkampSpring
RS 678Advanced Ecological RestorationMark PashkeSpring
RS 695Independent StudyAs NeededNon-Variable Credit Override Form Required for Registration
RS 698/798ResearchAs NeededNon-Variable Credit Override Form Required for Registration
RS 699ThesisAs NeededNon-Variable Credit Override Form Required for Registration
RS 799DissertationAs NeededNon-Variable Credit Override Form Required for Registration