Recent Updates

A mountain lion has recently been spotted at the Environmental Learning Center. Though uncommon at the Environmental Learning Center, mountain lions are a natural part of the ecosystem.

Please visit this website for more information about mountain lions. Human visitors need to take precautions around mountain lions including:

  • Visit in groups
  • Never approach any wild animal
  • If you spot a mountain lion, pick up small children
  • Stay calm and stop or back away slowly
  • Do everything you can to appear larger
  • If a mountain lion attacks, fight back

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is responsible for managing and protecting wildlife; please report any mountain lion sightings to the CPW Fort Collins office at 970-472-4300.

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Stewardship Starts With Connection


We inspire and educate people to connect with and become stewards of our natural world.

We do this by –

  • Facilitating high quality, positive, educational experiences in and about the environment.
  • Educating and mentoring future leaders in the fields of environmental education and communication.
  • Bringing the knowledge, skills, and talent within the college to the outside community.