Who We Are

We work toward a vision.


We strive for a world in which every person benefits from a connection to nature and acts in such way to ensure that future generations can do the same.

A stretch of the Poudre River at the ELC
ELC staff explore a puddle
We strive to live our values in all that we do.


We believe…

  • in connection to nature – when people have a connection to the natural world, humans, human communities and the environment benefit.
  • in education and mentoring – the future of our natural world depends on people with the knowledge and skills to act positively on its behalf.
  • in equity and inclusion – everyone has the right to experience the benefits of time spent in nature. A healthy environment will be realized through the talents and hard work of people with a diverse set of identities.
  • in innovation and creativity – working within a college, we have access to incredible and diverse minds. We believe this is one of our greatest strengths and embrace it wholeheartedly.
  • in collaboration and community – efforts and outcomes are strengthened when we create community and work together to achieve common goals.
  • in passion and care – we believe that our work is enhanced when we unabashedly share our passion and care for people and the environment.
We set goals.


Our current five-year goals are to…

  • increase the visibility of the ELC within the College and the community.
  • increase the programming for local middle and high school aged youth.
  • increase diversity within our programming and foster an inclusive environment in all that we do.
  • upgrade our East Drake facilities.
  • increase collaboration with College faculty and staff.
Tree leaves