As the weather starts to warm up and the Environmental Learning Center heads into our busy season, we wanted to quickly go over the rules at the ELC and their importance.

Dogs and bikes are not permitted on the ELC’s trails. This rule is in place to protect the vast array of wildlife that call the ELC home. If these animals are continuously frightened or disturbed, they may suffer physical effects of stress. Chronically stressed wildlife may leave the ELC in search of areas with less disturbance. We ask that people not ride bikes on the ELC trails for the same reason; in addition bike usage can also cause increased erosion on trails.

We ask people to leave their dogs and bikes at home to help preserve the ELC for all who enjoy it. You can also help by following the 7 Leave No Trace principles whenever you visit the ELC or other outdoor areas. Leave No Trace has 7 guiding principles that, when followed, can help to preserve natural areas for everyone. Following these principles can be easy and a fun way to talk to kids and family member about stewarding the natural areas we all love. To read more about these principles and best practices, visit the Leave No Trace website.

If you would like a place to enjoy nature close to Fort Collins with your dog or on your bike, the Poudre Trail is adjacent to our property and permits those activities. To find out more about the Poudre Trail or to see a map of the trail visit the City of Fort Collins website.