Wildlife Monitoring

Do you have an eye for spotting wildlife? Then the ELC Environmental Monitoring project could use your help! We are interested in learning more about the ecology of our property and your wildlife observations will help us out.

We have teamed up with CitSci.org, a citizen science platform created and managed by the CSU Natural Resource Ecology Lab, in order to track the wildlife living at the ELC! As an environmental monitoring volunteer, you will be able to observe and record any wildlife that you notice while out at the ELC. You can then upload that data to our CitSci project, helping us better understand what species call the ELC home. Anyone can participate and there is no minimum time commitment; simply walk the trails when you choose and record your observations.

Getting Started

To get involved, simply go to CitSci.org and create an account. From there, search for “ELC Environmental Monitoring” under the projects tab and ask to join. Once you have joined, you can start recording any wildlife that you see at the ELC. This can be done on the computer when you get home or with the CitSci app on your phone!

Recording Observations

To record your observations simply select the “Submit Data” tab. Choose CSU Environmental Learning Center as the location, then enter in the required data. You can also enter any other information you think is important to include (behavior, coloration, air temperature, etc). From there you will access the “Select Organism” menu, and search for the observed species. Enter in the number of individuals of this species that you observed, as well as a photo if you took one. Once you submit this information, your data point will be added to the list of observations made by all of our dedicated visitors!

Owl perched in a tree; Photo courtesy of Sloan Manifold
Photo courtesy of Sloan Manifold