Department Directory


Jeffery Cannon

Research Scientist I

Research interests include applied research on the causes and consequences of forest spatial patterns in the context of natural and human disturbances, especially wildfire, restoration, and forest management actions.

Gloria Edwards

Southern Rockies Fire Science Network Coordinator

Edward Gage

Research Scientist

Research interests: Wetland ecology, management and restoration; Urban ecohydrology; GIS and remote sensing

Benjamin Gannon

Research Associate

Fire Ecology and Wildfire Risk Analysis

Megan Mardesen

Academic Support Coordinator/Student Advisor

Tiara Marshall

Undergraduate Program Coordinator/Academic Advisor

Kathie Mattor

Research Scientist; Instructor

Courtney Peterson

Research Associate II

My research interests include adaptive silviculture for climate change, human dimensions of forestry, and climate science education and communication.

Brett Wolk

Assistant Director, Colorado Forest Restoration Institute