Graduate School

Ready to further your education?

Choosing whether or not to attend graduate school is a significant decision to make in one’s life that should be considered thoroughly. More information on making this decision can be found on the CSU Career Center’s Graduate School page.

“Is graduate school right for me?”

Help clarify what you want from graduate school. Answer the following:

  • My career goals are:
  • Graduate school will help me:
  • In future, I hope to:

Research job requirements and engage with employers to better understand your industry of interest.

  • Conduct informational interviews
  • Connect with faculty
  • Utilize the LinkedIn Alumni Tool
  • Analyze job descriptions

Factors to consider when applying to graduate school:

  • Admission requirements
  • Exam information, if applicable
  • Program faculty of interest
  • Program content
  • Cost & opportunity for financial aid
  • Program culture
  • Timeline

Provided are additional resources to help you get started:

Two PhD students from the Warner College discuss their experience in higher education. They also answer questions submitted by students on Warner College’s Instagram @csuwarnercollege. Please review the video to the right or find it here.

Hear from current graduate students in WCNR!

Two men viewed through a bush

The CSU Experience

“Being a student in the Warner College of Natural Resources provided me with a graduate school experience that was not only challenging and rewarding, but also prepared me well for a career in natural resources that I am passionate about. Specifically, learning and understanding the complex relationship between natural resources and humans, a specialty in WCNR, has allowed me to excel at my job.”
– Chad Schneckenburger, CSU Alumni ’04

Graduate Programs attended by Warner Alum