As a faculty or staff member, you have a major impact on the career development and job search choices that students (and alumni) make. Below are additional resources in further facilitating impactful career conversations with your students.
Headshot of Leanna Biddle

Leanna Biddle

Career Education Manager

Email: leanna.biddle@colostate.edu

Phone: (970) 492-4893

Your Career Education Manager can help with:

  • Delivering in-class presentations focused around career exploration, resume development, etc.
  • Facilitating individualized career conversations with your students
  • Providing online and in-person career resources through the Career Center
  • Interpreting First Destination survey data
  • Cultivating mentorship opportunities with interested students

If you would like to request an in-class presentation, please email Leanna at leanna.biddle@colostate.edu.

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