Colorado State University held its annual Graduate Showcase on November 13th, a one-day conference where undergraduate and graduate students from all eight colleges presented their work and learned about other disciplines. Over 350 students displayed their research through poster presentations, and seven Forest and Rangeland Stewardship students represented many disciplines studied in the department.

Burning Money: How to Budget for Wildfire Programs
M.S. Candidate, Brianna Magbual

female student and poster

Riparian Vegetation Functional Groups and Bird Habitat along the Verde River, Arizona
Ph.D. Candidate, Erin Cubley

female student and poster

Slash Pile Burn Effect on Arbuscular Mycorrhiza and Soil Microbial Communities in a Lodgepole Pine Forest
Ph.D. Candidate, Shabana Hoosein

female student and poster

Conifer Regeneration in Colorado Wildfire Fuels Reduction Treatments
GDPE Candidate, Katie Fialko

Will Colorado Forests Shift Upwards? Tree Regeneration Under Climate Change
M.S. Candidate, Alison Foster

faculty and students with posters


M.S. Forest Sciences students David Atkins and Andrew Mann also presented posters at the Showcase.