Warner College Awards Banquet Honors FWCB Faculty and Students

FWCB students and faculty members were honored for their achievements at the Warner College Awards Banquet on April 22. Congratulations to all the award winners!
Student Voted Awards
Student of the Year - Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology
Molly Warner
Riordan Environmental Leadership Award
Breanna Dodge

Departmental Awards
Outstanding Senior in Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
- Wildlife Biology: Vincent Landau
- Fisheries: Shane Hautenan
- Conservation Biology: Erica Spiess
Dale Hein Pingree Park Award
- Session 1: Samantha Bietsch
- Session 2: Zach Weaver

College Awards
Outstanding Publication Award
Dr. George Wittemeyer and Joe Northrup
Harry E. Troxell Distinguished Service to Students Faculty Award
Dr. Paul Doherty


Dr. George Wittemeyer Recognized for Paper

Dr. George Wittemeyer will be recognized for his role in the publication of a Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences paper on illegal elephant killings. This paper included co-authors Joe Northrup and Ken Burnham. Dr. Wittmeyer will be honored with the Warner College of Natural Resources Outstanding Publication Award on April 22 at the NR Days Banquet in the Lory Student Center.

FWCB Student is Awarded Udall Scholarship

FWCB student Marina Rodriguez was recently awarded the Udall Scholarship. This scholarship awards college sophomores and juniors on their efforts in leadership, service, American Indian affairs and the environment. The award is in honor of Morris and Stewart Udall, who were heavily involved in American Indian government and the stewardship of lands.

Marina Rodriguez is a Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology major minoring in English and Applied Statistics. She is the co-founder of the CSU chapter of Stratgeies for Ecology Education, Diversity, and Sustainability (SEEDS). and is also heavily involved in the CSU chapter of Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (MANRRS). Marina has been conducting research on the effect of nutrient availability on nesting birds at high elevation, and hopes to continue with research that will help conserve bird populations. She currently works at the USDA National Wildlife Research Center where she is a lab technician in the Wildlife Genetics department. Marina plans to go to graduate school and eventually earn her PhD.

Photos Captured of Soapstone Ferrets

Photos of reintroduced black footed ferrets at Soapstone Prairie Natural Area have been captured for the first time. This marks a huge success for the camera monitoring program as it was unknown whether placement of camera traps would yield any results. Future monitoring of the ferrets is planned, and plans for more cameras as well as a possible new reintroduction site are currently underway.