CSU FWCB Does Well at CO-WY AFS Meeting

The FWCB faculty showed well at the annual Colorado-Wyoming American Fisheries Society meeting. Dr. Chris Myrick won the Outstanding Mentor Award, in recognition of the years he has spent working with both graduate and undergraduate students. For the second year in a row, Dr. Kevin Bestgen won Outstanding Professional Paper. A CSU alumnus from FWCB, Zack Underwood, who is now a grad student at University of Wyoming, won Best Student Paper. Additionally. Dr. Larissa Bailey and her students presented their research on boreal toads. This meeting was closed with a talk given by Kurt Fausch on his new book, For the Love of Rivers. Congratulations to all who participated and were recognized!

FWCB Students have tremendous showing at Annual Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity Showcase

FWCB students made a big impact at the 2015 Celebrate Undergraduate Creativity and Research Showcase. Students participated in both the poster and oral presentations exhibitions and took home a number of the symposium's highest honors for their outstanding research. 

Celebrate Undergraduate Creativity and Research Symposium Awards
  •  Anna Quist received Highest Honors for her research poster, Bait preferences of captive bighorn sheep for distribution of  an oral vaccine
  •  Marina Rodriguez received first place in the Oral Presentation Exhibit for her presentation, The effect of calcium  supplementation on nesting tree swallows
  •  Alyssa Graziano received second place in the Oral Presentation Exhibit for her presentation, Why did the cuthroat   jump? Effects of fish density on greenback cuthroat trout jumping attempts
  •  Meredith Lewis received Highest Honors for her research poster, Evaluation of photographic identification of boreal  toads
  •  Samuel Peterson received College Honors for his research poster, How do we affect wildlife? An analysis of  human/wildlife interactions through recreation
  • Emily Beisch received College Honors for her research poster, Genetic analysis of the Poncha Pass population of Gunnison sage-grouse
  • Alexander Townsend received third place in the Oral Presentation Exhibit for his presentation, Reduced thermal tolerance in Colorado salmonid species after exposure to sub-lethal concentrations of copper


Warner College Awards Banquet Honors FWCB Faculty and Students

FWCB students and faculty members were honored for their achievements at the Warner College Awards Banquet on April 22. Congratulations to all the award winners!
Student Voted Awards
Student of the Year - Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology
Molly Warner
Riordan Environmental Leadership Award
Breanna Dodge

Departmental Awards
Outstanding Senior in Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
- Wildlife Biology: Vincent Landau
- Fisheries: Shane Hautenan
- Conservation Biology: Erica Spiess
Dale Hein Pingree Park Award
- Session 1: Samantha Bietsch
- Session 2: Zach Weaver

College Awards
Outstanding Publication Award
Dr. George Wittemeyer and Joe Northrup
Harry E. Troxell Distinguished Service to Students Faculty Award
Dr. Paul Doherty


Dr. George Wittemeyer Recognized for Paper

Dr. George Wittemeyer will be recognized for his role in the publication of a Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences paper on illegal elephant killings. This paper included co-authors Joe Northrup and Ken Burnham. Dr. Wittmeyer will be honored with the Warner College of Natural Resources Outstanding Publication Award on April 22 at the NR Days Banquet in the Lory Student Center.