Geosciences Seminar Series 2017

Spring Semester 2017

Thursday, January 19

No Seminar – 1st Week of Class

Thursday, January 26

Faculty Slamposium

Lisa Stright, Mike Ronayne, Andy Darling

Thursday, February 2

Lowering the Barrier to Computational Modeling of Earth’s Surface

Greg Tucker, University of Colorado

Faculty Host: Dennis Harry

Thursday, February 9

Simulating Complex Flows in the Earth Mantle.

Wolfgang Banerth, CSU Department of Mathematics

Faculty Host: Derek Schutt

Thursday, February 16

No Seminar – Faculty Meeting

Thursday, February 23

Surfs Up! Life along the Western Cretaceous Interior Seaway during a Super Greenhouse.

Lesli Wood, Colorado School of Mines

Faculty Host: Dennis Harry

Thursday, March 2

Archean or Laramide deformation? Seimological structure of the Bighorns Arch at high resolution

Megan Anderson, Colorado College

Faculty Host: Dennis Harry

Thursday, March 9

Now You See It, Now You Don’t: Catastrophic Collapse of a Cold-based Arctic Ice Cap.

Mike Willis, CU Boulder, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES)

Faculty Host: Rick Aster

Thursday, March 16

No Seminar – Spring Break

Thursday, March 23

No Seminar – Faculty Meeting

Thursday, March 30

Thursday, April 6

Climate Tipping Points, Predictability, and the Silver Lining in a Sustainable Future.

Jim White, CU, Director of INSTAAR

Faculty Host: Judy Hannah

Thursday, April 13

No Seminar – Faculty Meeting

Thursday, April 20

The Snake River Plain – Yellowstone hotspot track: Assessing the role of a mantle plume

Bill Leeman, Rice University

Faculty Host: Dennis Harry

Thursday, April 27

Loud landslides and groaning glaciers: surface processes through a seismic lens

Kate Allstadt, USGS Golden, CO

Faculty Host: Rick Aster

Thursday, May 4

The Onset of Plate Tectonics: a Planet in Transition between Two- and Three-billion Years Ago.

Kent Condie, New Mexico Tech

Faculty Host: Rick Aster

Thursday, May 11

No Seminar – Finals Week