Ellen E. Wohl – Curriculum Vitae




Professor of Geology and University Distinguished Professor

Dept of Geosciences

Colorado State University

Ft. Collins, CO 80523







Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, BS in Geology, 1984

University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, PhD in Geosciences, 1988




1989-1989       Faculty Research Associate, Dept of Geosciences, University of Arizona

1989-1995       Assistant Professor, Dept of Earth Resources, Colorado State University

1995-2000       Associate Professor, Dept of Earth Resources, Colorado State University




Geological Society of America (Fellow)

American Geophysical Union (Fellow)




Graduation with honors from Arizona State University, magna cum laude

Sulzer Scholarship (University of Arizona), 1984-1985

Graduate Academic Scholarship (University of Arizona), 1984-1985, 1987-1988

SOCAL Fund Grant (University of Arizona), 1986-1987

Sigma Xi Grant-in-Aid-of-Research, 1986-1987

Geological Society of America Research Grant, 1986-1987

Fulbright-Hays Postgraduate Research Grant, 1986-1987

Butler Scholarship (University of Arizona), 1987-1988

Gladys W. Cole Memorial Award, Geological Society of America, 1995

Fellowship, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, 1995-1996

Water Center Award for Outstanding Contributions to Interdisciplinary Water Education, Research, and Outreach (Colorado State University), 2001

G.K. Gilbert Award, Association of American Geographers, 2000 and 2003

Kirk Bryan Award, Geological Society of America, 2009

Distinguished International Fellow, Department of Geography, Durham University, England, 2010

Scholarship Impact Award, Colorado State University, 2015

Outstanding Mentor Award, Warner College of Natural Resources, Colorado State University, 2015

Ralph Alger Bagnold Medal, European Geosciences Union, 2017

CSU University Distinguished Professor, 2017

Member of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Xi


Theses and dissertations supervised and completed: 49 MS theses, 26 PhD dissertations


Assessing the potential for beaver restoration and likely environmental benefits (2017-2018), $19,880 from the City and County of Boulder, Colorado

Quantifying and predicting the attenuation of downstream fluxes associated with beaver meadows (2016-2018), $279,066 from the National Science Foundation (co-PI T. Covino, CSU)

Longitudinal patterns of organic carbon storage in mountainous river networks (2016-2019), $257,828 from the National Science Foundation

Collaborative Research: RAPID: Calibrating Shallow Geophysical Techniques to Detect Large Wood Buried in River Corridors (2016), $14,619 from the National Science Foundation (co-PI K. Sinha, CO School of Mines)

The 47th Annual Binghamton geomorphology Symposium (2016), $42,000 from the National Science Foundation (co-PIs S. Rathburn, CSU, F. Magilligan, Dartmouth)

Floodplain carbon storage in mountain rivers (2016-2017),  $15,749 from the National Science Foundation (DDRI for Nicholas Sutfin)

Geophysical characterization of the Sand Creek site, $27,000 from the National Park Service

The active channel and the ordinary high water mark (2015-2016), $27,834 from DOD-Army Corps of Engineers

Organic carbon storage in beaver meadows (2015-2016), $7,270 from the National Geographic Society

Floodplain-instream wood interactions in the Central Yukon River Basin (2014-2015), $15,810 from the National Geographic Society

Carbon fluxes to the Arctic Ocean via wood export from the Mackenzie River drainage basin (2012-2013), $9,575 from the National Geographic Society

Leaky Rivers: Nutrient Retention and Productivity in Rocky Mountain Streams Under Alternative Stable States (2012-2015), $633,745 from National Science Foundation (co-PI D. Walters,USGS)

Tropical Hydrology Workshop (2011), $13,070 from the US Army Research Office

Landscapes in the Anthropocene: Exploring the human connections (2010), $49,558 from National Science Foundation (co-PI A. Chin, University of Colorado)

Environmental flow strategy validation (2010-2012), $45,000 from USDA Forest Service

White River analysis (2009-2012), $75,000 from USDA Forest Service

Watershed to local scale characteristics and function of intermittent and ephemeral streams on military lands (2010-2014), $1,499,657 from U.S. Army Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (co-PIs D. Cooper, S. Kampf, CSU)

RAPID: Pre-disturbance surveys of wood loads in headwater streams of the Colorado Front Range (2009-2010),$30,435 from National Science FoundationSGER: Influence of postglacial rebound on river longitudinal profiles in Sweden (2007-2009), $35,000 from National Science Foundation

Development of a national protocol for riparian assessment (2007-2009), $117,500 from USDA Forest Service

Wood loading in headwater neotropical forest streams (2007-2010), $283,030 from National Science Foundation

Measurements of roughness coefficient for steep channels (2007-2009), $257,204 from National Science Foundation

Mapping longitudinal distribution of wood along forest streams (2005-2006), $21,071 from USDA Forest ServiceTesting the existence of a threshold discharge in bedrock channels (2005-2008), $203,617 from National Science Foundation

Develop service-wide concepts for riparian habitat and stream restoration (2004-2007), $303,692 from National Park Service (co-PI D. Cooper, CSU)

Assessing snow-making impacts to stream channels (2004-2006), $75,004 from USDA Forest Service (co-PI B. Bledsoe, CSU)

Geomorphic effects of a jokulhlaup (2004-2005), $61,474 from National Science Foundation

Rivers, roads, and people: Complex interactions of overlapping networks in watersheds (2003-2007), $1,700,000 from National Science Foundation (co-PIs, J. Loomis, J. Ramirez, M. Laituri,CSU)

International Collaboration: Flow hydraulics along step-pool channels (2003-2004), $6804 from National Science Foundation

Assessment of historical and contemporary land-use impacts on pool habitat in the Upper South Platte River drainage basin (2003-2006), $73,212 from USDA Forest Service

Anabranching channels in jointed bedrock: an integrated flume and field study (2003-2005), $124,781 from National Science Foundation (co-PI G. Springer, Ohio University)

Flow hydraulics along step-pool channels (2003-2004), $8,000 from National Science Foundation

Gradient-related trends in mountain channel geometry (2003), $11,300 from National Science Foundation

Quantifying historical and contemporary coarse sediment input and storage and fine sediment storage along Black Canyon (2002-2003), $50,012 from US National Park Service

Hierarchical physical classification of western streams (2000-2004), $788,144 from EPA (co-PIs B. Bledsoe, L. Poff, C. Watson, CSU)

Wetland, Aquatic and Riparian Protocols (2000-2005), $142,550 from USDA Forest Service (co-PIs D. Cooper and L. Poff, CSU)

North Fork Gunnison River Improvement Project (2000-2001),$50,000 from the North Fork River Improvement Association (co-PI D. Cooper, CSU)

Quantitative modeling of channelized flow within a karst stream (2000-2002), $102,185 from National Science Foundation

Hydraulic resistance of large woody debris in step pool channels (2000-2001), $2,175 from the National Science Foundation (REU supplement)

Characterizing channel disturbance regimes in hydroclimatically extreme regions (2000-2003), $162,639 from the US Army Research Office

Chemical weathering in granitic channels of India and the United States (1999-2001), $12,192 from the National Science Foundation

Hydraulic resistance of large woody debris in step pool channels (1999-2001), $78,200 from the National Science Foundation

Acquisition of hydraulics instrumentation for field-based research (1999-2004), $54,068 from the National Science Foundation

Instrumentation for disturbance regimes of hydrologically extreme regions (1999-2000), $122,562 from US Army Research Office

Modeling flows for fish habitat maintenance (1998-2000), $45,000 from the Colorado Division of Wildlife

Inventory of current and historic erosion-control projects in the Rio Puerco basin and quantification of sediment yields (1998-2000), $45,150 from the US Bureau of Land Management

Mitigation of mountain-channel sedimentation resulting from reservoir sediment releases (1998- 2000), $72,670 from the National Science Foundation

Channel response to reservoir sedimentation (1997-1998), $25,000 from Colorado Water Conservation Board, Trout Unlimited, and U.S. Bureau of    Reclamation

Flow resistance of large woody debris in headwater streams (1997-1999), $70,400 from NCASI (Ntnl Council of the Paper Industry for Air and Stream Improvement)

Lithologic controls on bedrock channel morphology (1995-1996), $35,000 from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Flood hazards associated with glacier-lakes in the eastern Himalaya Mountains (1994-1997), $82,756 from the National Science Foundation

Energy expenditure in deep, narrow bedrock canyons (1994), $7000 from the Geological Society of America

Integrative riparian ecosystem modeling along the Yampa River, Colorado (1994-1996), $39,777 from The Nature Conservancy’s Ecosystem Research Program

Integration of palynological and geomorphological analyses to determine paleoenvironmental conditions at the Hudson-Meng site (1993), $11,925 from the USDA Forest Service (co-investigator E. Kelly, CSU)

Reconstruction of past river discharge in central Russia (1992), $3400 from the National Research Council and the National Academy of Science

Regional flood hazard analysis (1991-1993), $299,930 from the National Science Foundation (co-investigator J. Salas, CSU)

Validation of water yield thresholds on the Kootenai National Forest (1992-1994), $110,745 from the USDA Forest Service (co-investigator L. MacDonald, CSU)

Paleoflood records in the southern Negev Desert (1991-1992), $7200 from the US-Israel Educational Foundation

An evaluation of flooding in the vicinity of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia (1991-1992), $40,000 from the USDI National Park Service

Controls on subalpine channel morphology (1991-1992), $20,000 from the USDA Forest Service

Fluvial terraces: A tool for integrating geomorphic processes, climatic and tectonic events, and landscape development (1990-1992), $102,608 from the National Science Foundation (co-investigator D. Merritts, F&M College)

Holocene paleofloods of northern Australia (1989-1991), $24,050 from the National Geographic Society (co-investigator V. Baker, U. Az.)

Paleoflood history of Redfield Canyon, Arizona (1989), $5711 from the Arizona Department of Water Resources


Refereed Publications


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Manuscript Reviews


American Journal of Science; Arabian Journal of Science and Engineering; Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research; Canadian Journal of Forest Research; Catena; Earth and Planetary Science Letters; Earth-Science Reviews; Earth Surface Processes and Landforms; Ecological Applications; Environmental Management; Forest Ecology and Management; Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment; Geodinamica Acta; Geological Society of America Bulletin; Geological Society of America Special Paper series; Geology; Geomorphology; Geophysical Research Letters; Global and Planetary Change; GSA Today; Hydrological Processes; International Journal of Computers and Applications; International Journal of Sediment Research; Journal of the American Water Resources Association; Journal of Geology; Journal of Geophysical Research; Journal of Hydraulic Engineering;  Journal of Hydrology; Journal of Range Management; Journal of Sedimentary Petrology; Journal of Sedimentary Research; Limnology and Oceanography; Mountain Research and Development; National Park Service Proceedings Series; Natural Areas Journal; Polish Journal of Environmental Studies; Quaternary Research;  Regulated Rivers; U.S. Geological Survey Professional Papers; U.S. Geological Survey Water-Resources Investigations; Water, Air and Soil Pollution; Water Management; Water Resources Research; Wetlands



Service to Societies and Journals


Editorial board of Geomorphology, 1996-present

Associate Editor, Geological Society of America Bulletin, 1997-2006

Associate Editor, Water Resources Research, 2001-2011

Editorial board of Environmental Management, 2007-2013

Editorial board of Geography Compass, 2007-present

Editorial board of Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 2008-2009; Associate Editor, 2010-


Associate Editor, Journal of Hydrology, 2010-2013

Editor-in-Chief, Oxford Bibliography of Environmental Science, 2013-present, http://www.oxfordbibliographies.com/obo/page/environmental-science

Board member, Geological Society of America Foundation, 2017-present

Officer, Quaternary Geology & Geomorphology Division, Geological Society of

America, 2001-2005 (Chair, 2003-2004)

Member, Ordinary High Water Mark National Technical Committee, 2014-present

Member, Erosion & Sedimentation Committee, Am. Geophys. Union, 2001-2008

Member, Earth and Planetary Surface Process Focus Group, Am. Geophys. Union, 2009-present

Geol. Soc. Am. Committee on Committees, 1996

Geol. Soc. Am. Joint Technical Program Committee, 2004

GSA Quaternary Geology & Geomorphology Division Nominating Committee, 1996

GSA Quaternary Geol. & Geomorph. Division Panel Member, 1996-1998

GSA Quaternary Geol. & Geomorph. Division Abstracts Reviewer, 1993

GSA Quaternary Geol. & Geomorph. Division Mackin/Howard Committee, 1990-91, 1996-98,     2001-02

GSA Session Chair, annual meetings in 1993, 1996, 1997, 2002, 2007

Am. Geophys. Union Session Chair, Hydrology Days, 1992-1994, 1997-1998

AGU Student Presentation Judge, 1998, 2001, 2003, 2007

Member, Colorado Natural Hazards Mitigation Council, 1991-present

Trustee, Rocky Mountain Hydraulic Research Center, 1992-present

Panel member, NSF Hydrologic Sciences Program, 1999-2003

Am. Soc. Civil Engineers Paleoflood Hydrology Committee, 1999

Panel member, NSF Geomorphology and Land-Use Dynamics Program, 2005-2007

Panel member, NSF Geography and Spatial Sciences Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant

Program, 2016-2017

Member of the National Technical Committee on the Ordinary High Water Mark (Army Corps of

Engineers and US EPA), 2014-present


Invited Lectures, Review Panels, Advisory Boards


Invited lectures

US universities                                                Other universities

Baylor University                                            Aberystwyth University (Wales)

Boise State University                                     Chuo University (Japan)

Central Washington University                       Durham University (England)

College of Idaho                                              ETH Zurich (Switzerland)

Colorado College                                            GFZ Potsdam (Germany)

Ohio State University                                      Griffith University (Australia)

Ohio Wesleyan University                              Hebrew University (Israel)

Oregon State University                                  Hokkaido University (Japan)

Skidmore College                                            Loughborough University (England)

St. Louis University                                        Mid-Sweden University

Texas A&M University                                  Newcastle University (England)

University of Arizona                                     Queen Mary University of London (England)

University of California, Berkeley                  Umeå University (Sweden)

University of California, Davis                       Universidad Complutense Madrid (Spain)

University of California, Santa Barbara          University of Cambridge (England)

University of Colorado, Boulder                     University of Edinburgh (Scotland)

University of Colorado, CO. Springs             University of Glasgow (Scotland)

University of Denver                                      University of Hull (England)

University of Illinois                                       University of Lausanne (Switzerland)

University of Iowa                                          University of Nottingham (England)

University of New Mexico                             University of Padova (Italy)

University of North Carolina, Charlotte          University of Salzburg (Austria)

University of Oklahoma                                  University of Southampton (England)

University of South Carolina                          University of Tokyo (Japan)

University of Vermont                                    University of Tsukuba (Japan)

University of Washington                               University of Western Ontario (Canada)

University of Wyoming                                  Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Universidad de los Andes (Colombia)

University of Melbourne (Australia)

University of Wollongong (Australia)



Am. Geophys. Union Gilbert Club

Army Research Office Workshop on Desert Processes

Australian Stream Management Conference, 2016

Chinese-American Frontiers of Science Meeting, 1999, 2000

Colorado Archeological Society

COACh International invited participant (Argentina 2013, Jamaica 2014, Namibia 2015, Rwanda 2016)

Colorado Natural Hazards Mitigation Council

Colorado Scientific Society

Estes Valley Land Trust

Geological Survey of Norway

Institute of Geography (Russia)

National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Sciences (New Zealand)

NSF Workshop on Sediment-Induced Disasters

The Nature Conservancy

U.S. Forest Service

U.S. Geological Survey

Wood Buffalo National Park, Canada


Invited keynote speaker at Binghamton Geomorphology Symposium (1994, 2006, 2012); North American Benthological Society (2000); American Water Resources Association conference (2004); Colorado Riparian Association conference (2004); Second International Symposium on Riverine Landscapes, Sweden (2004); Gravel-Bed Rivers VI Workshop, Austria (2005); 7th IAHR Symposium on River, Coastal and Estuarine Morphodynamics, China (2011); 4th Interagency Conference on Research in the Watersheds (2011); Mid-Atlantic Stream Restoration Conference (2011); MTNCLIM (Consortium for Integrated Climate Research in Western Mountains, 2012); River Restoration Northwest Conference (2012); American Society of Environmental Historians (2013); Southwest Stream Restoration Conference (2014); Wood in World Rivers III (2015); 8th Australian Stream Management Conference (2016); Catskills Environmental Research and Monitoring Conference (2016); RiverFlow (2016); Rocky Mountain Stream Restoration Conference (2016); Sustaining Colorado Watersheds Conference (2016); European Geosciences Union (2017)


Review panels for Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program (1995); San Juan River Recovery Program (1997-2005); Chair, Physical Sciences Review Panel for Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center (1998-2000); CALFED Battle Creek Restoration Plan (2003-2004); Building with Nature (The Netherlands, 2013); US Environmental Protection Agency Science Advisory Board Panel for the review of the EPA Water Body Connectivity Report (2013); The New Delta (The Netherlands, 2014)


External PhD examiner for Macquarie University, Australia (2001, 2015); Umea University, Sweden (2004); University of Trento, Italy (2007); Southern Cross University, Australia (2010); University of Auckland, New Zealand (2014); University of Melbourne, Australia (2014); University of the West Indies, Jamaica (2014); University of Newcastle, Australia (2016); University of Wollongong, Australia (2016)


Advisory board for The Nature Conservancy’s Colorado Scientific Advisory Network (1997-present), Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center Science Advisors Board (2006-present)


International visitors hosted at Colorado State University


Takashi Oguchi, University of Tokyo, Japan (2001)

Yuichi Hayakawa, University of Tokyo, Japan (2005)

Francesco Comiti, University of Padova, Italy (2007)

Mario Jiménez, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia (2010)

Jonathan Ryan, University of Nottingham, England (2011)

Jose Ortega, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain (2012, 2015)
Michaela Wörndl, University of Innsbruck, Austria (2014)

Margherita Righini, University of Padova, Italy (2015)

William Amponsah, University of Padova, Italy (2015)

Fernando Ugalde, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Chile (2015)

Lina Polvi Sjöberg, Umeå University, Sweden (2015)

Alfonso Pisabarro, University of Valladolid, Spain (2016)

Tania Santos, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia (2017-18)


Primary advisor for the following graduate students (completion date)

MS (49)                                                                      PhD (26)

Kathy Adenlof (1992)                                     Mario Mejia-Navarro (1995)

Susan Fuertsch (1992)                                                Nancy Hoefs (1996)

Mario Mejia-Navarro (1992)                          Brian Cluer (1997)

Michael Grimm (1993)                                   Mette Jordan (1997)

Marsha Hilmes (1993)                                    Douglas Thompson (1997)

Clifford Blizard (1994)                                   Edmund Wick (1998)

Lauren Hammack (1994)                                Dan Cenderelli (1998)

Michael Martin (1994)                                    David Merritt (1999)

Rebecca Smith (1994)                                     Sara Rathburn (2001)

Douglas Thompson (1994)                             Gregory Springer (2002)

Michael Liquori (1995)                                   Allen Gellis (2003)

Susan Madsen (1995)                                     Andrew Wilcox (2005)

Jill Minter (1996)                                            Nancy Brown (2006)

Jonathan Pruess (1996)                                   Ian Dubinski (2009)

Carolyn Trayler (1997)                                   Jaime Goode (2009)

Janet Curran (1999)                                        Kristin Jaeger (2009)

Jasper Hardison (2000)                                   Dan Cadol (2010)

Stephanie Phippen (2000)                               Gabrielle David (2011)

William MacFarlane (2001)                            Lina Polvi (2011)

Gregory Stewart (2001)                                  Natalie Beckman (2012)

Ronald Zelt (2002)                                          Susan Howe (2013)

Chris Jaquette (2003)                                      Dai Thomas (2014)

Tracy Phelps (2003)                                        Umit Duru (2015)

Kurt Sable (2004)                                           Nick Sutfin (2015)

Ian Dubinski (2005)                                        Natalie Kramer Anderson (2016)

Jaime Goode (2005)                                        Bridget Livers (2016)

Francis Rengers (2005)

Dan Cadol (2007)

Gabrielle David (2007)

Amy Nowakowski (2007)

Paul Dante (2009)

Lina Polvi (2009)

Zan Rubin (2010)

Jameson Henkle (2010)

Elizabeth Gilliam (2011)

Natalie Kramer (2011)

Tyanna Schlom (2012)

Nicholas Sutfin (2012)

Jonathan Garber (2013)

Simeon Caskey (2013)

Bridget Livers (2013)
Heidi Klingel (2013)

Karen Jackson (2014)

DeAnna Laurel (2014)

Dena Hicks (2015)

Dan Scott (2015)

Elizabeth Oswald (2015)

Krista Garrett (2016)

Andrew Pfeiffer (2017)