This week we are highlighting one of our newest staff members……….ANNA BAIZE

Anna Baize is a “rock”star in every way. This summer Anna hiked 300 miles through 4 states, then back to Colorado where she spent the rest of her summer at the CSU Mountain Campus, learning about streams, plants, and trees. Which brings her here to us the ELC where she will be sharing her passion for inspiring children and adults to appreciate and connect with the nature all around us. 

Anna exhibits all the qualities of a hummingbird, like not being able to stay in one place for too long, and constantly moving around, which is not a surprise since this is the animal she relates to the most. 

When joining our staff here, Anna hopes to bring her creativity, humor, and a big smile! She is so excited to meet everyone at our programs throughout the year. 

We can’t wait to see her rocking her Tevas all around the ELC. 

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