Warner College’s Diversity and Inclusion Program

Warner College of Natural Resources is committed to exemplifying and embodying Colorado State University’s Principles of Community: inclusion, integrity, respect, service, and social justice – and working diligently toward inclusive excellence.

Diversity Defined.

Warner College joins the University in defining diversity in the broadest possible sense, inclusive of age, culture, different ideas and perspectives, disability, ethnicity, first generation status, familial status, gender identity and expression, geographic background, marital status, religious and spiritual beliefs (or lack thereof), national origin, race, sex, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and veteran status.

Our Mission:


Warner College aims to go beyond standard representation diversity to transformational diversity, which means changing our approach as an institution, building relationships and understanding diverse populations. We are instilling an inclusive mindset and promoting mindfulness of diversity through strategic methods.


Internal training empowers faculty, staff, and students. Integrating an accountability system to ensure that diversity and inclusion standards carry forward and are adaptable over time and throughout cultural changes.


Collaborating with under-served communities and advocacy organizations to change the mindset of who Warner College serves and how we communicate environmental issues to diverse populations.

Warner College Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan

In 2018, the College worked to create a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion plan focused on making progress within the University’s Diversity and Inclusion goals.

Warner College Diversity and Inclusion Council

The college DEI council is a gathering of representatives from each of our academic units and research centers to evaluate, understand, and advance strategies and actions to fulfill the College’s diversity and inclusion strategic plan and advise College leadership.

Diversity Councils in Academic and Affiliated Units

Each academic unit and many College centers have internal DEI councils or committees to ensure progress toward college-wide goals are progressing within their specific departments.

First Generation Mentors

Colorado State University and Warner College of Natural Resources are dedicated to providing support and access for people who are the first in their families to attend college. First Generation students can find support here and learn about staff and faculty in Warner College who are mentors for First Generation students here.

United in STEMM

The mission of United in STEMM is to connect students of color, regardless of their gender expression or sexual orientation, in science, technology, engineering, math, and medicine (STEMM) disciplines more intentionally with their academic colleges, industry partners, and alumni and professionals of color to aid in the increase of graduation and persistence rates for students of color at Colorado State University. United in STEMM Webpage

Warner College Diversity and Inclusion Cluster Hire

In order to fulfill one aspect of the College’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategic Plan aimed at enhancing the College’s capacity for bringing non-dominant ideas into our fields, a cluster hire to enhance the College’s capacity in diversity and inclusion. This cluster hire resulted in the placement of tenure track faculty in three of the College’s academic departments and one post-doctoral researcher. These individuals are working closely with the College in order to develop a minor in cultural competency within natural resources fields.

Meet Warner College Diversity and Inclusion Director Dr. Rickey Frierson

Dr. Rickey Frierson has spent the last 15 years presenting internationally and domestically on issues of social justice, diversity and inclusion, and underrepresented student success within higher education. Dr. Frierson’s research interest focuses on institutional accountability and effectiveness in minority success and completion at predominantly white, public institutions.

Rickey takes pride in assisting administrators, educators and institutions in examining proactive strategies to create efficient and fruitful educational experiences for their diverse students, staff, and faculty. Rickey has published articles, submitted book reviews, and has written book contributions that all stem around efficiencies of education.

Warner College Director of Diversity and Inclusion Rickey Frierson
Rickey Frierson, Director of Diversity and Inclusion for the Warner College of Natural Resources.