Ecosystem Science and Sustainability Orientation Resources

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Welcome to the Ram Orientation virtual advising folder for the

Department of Ecosystem Science & Sustainability!

Our Curriculum

Want to see what courses your degree requires?  Take a look at your degree requirements by viewing our check sheets!

Essential Advising Resources

Math and Composition are two important subjects to complete within your first year at CSU.  Below are directions and links that will help you navigate your entry into these subjects.



ALL first-year Ecosystem Science & Sustainability (ESS) and Watershed Science & Sustainability (WSS) majors should aim to take one semester of calculus in their first year of study. Many students need to take the pre-calculus course sequence (MATH 117, 118, 124, 125 or 126) before taking calculus.

  1. Use the Math Department’s Placement website to explore your major’s math requirements and better understand pre-calculus math classes at CSU.
  2. Create a personalized math plan.
  3. Complete the Math Placement Tool, if applicable.
  4. Tell us your Math Placement Tool score.  Then, we will tailor your fall courses accordingly and give you additional guidance on your completion of major-specific math requirements.

We have created a Math Placement Flowchart to help you understand your math placement and the steps required for course registration in math classes at CSU.

Useful Math Resources:

Entry-Level Math (ELM) Tutorial – upon completion of this tutorial, you may enroll in MATH 117.

PreCalculus Tutorial – intended for incoming students who need to satisfy math prerequisites for courses in their first semester in order to stay on schedule for a degree program.


There is a Composition Placement Program, similar to the Math Placement Tool, to assist you.

  1. Visit the Composition Placement website to learn how CSU determines the best composition course for you.  This is typically based on your SAT or ACT scores.
  2. Complete the Directed Self-Placement Survey (DSP) in Ramweb, if applicable. If you do not have SAT or ACT scores on record with CSU, you MUST complete the DSP.

AP/IB/Dual-Enrollment Credits


AP, IB, and other College-Level Exams:

If you have AP, IB, CLEP, DSST, or DANTES scores, they may be eligible for credit. Make sure to submit your scores to CSU to get the credits you’ve earned!

You can reference CSU’s AP and IB equivalency website to inform your credits awarded.  We will help you interpret this further at orientation.

Dual-Enrollment Credit:

If you have dual-enrollment credit or other college or university course records, you may be eligible to receive transfer credit at CSU. Visit the Registrar’s website on transfer coursework for details. Then make sure to submit your transcripts to CSU to have them evaluated and credits applied to your academic record.

Registration Ready in Ramweb


Prior to attending Ram Orientation, please log into your Ramweb account to complete these essential steps to make you ready to enroll in classes when you meet with us!

  • Clear ALL the red Xs in the center of the home screen. See the Ram Ready Registration screen shot for an example.
  • The only red X you won’t be able to clear is Advising Code. We will give you that code at Ram Orientation.

Additional Academic Resources


In addition to your major requirements in Ecosystem Science & Sustainability or Watershed Science & Sustainability, you will have the opportunity to select a variety of coursework to meet the CSU’s All University Core Curriculum (AUCC), Degree-Specific Electives, or to complete a minor.

The links below may be useful to you at Ram Orientation, or in exploring interests outside or related to your major.

Major to Career

What can I do with my degree?

Sustainability and You!

In Spring 2022, our ESS 312 Sustainability Science class, taught by Dr. Stacy Lynn, created the ESS Sustainability Welcome Guide, a guide for incoming students on how to live sustainably in Fort Collins and at CSU.  Within the guide, topics from transportation to eco-advocacy are explored, with educational resources and information specific to Fort Collins. We hope you will find this resource useful and inspirational!

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