About Matt

After a decade in the aerospace & defense industry, a few years founding and running a climbing gym, and few years as an arborist, I am compelled to pursue a career where I can help to restore a balance between society and the environment. I am most well versed in mechanical, electrical and manufacturing process engineering and documentation as well as supply chain management, and quality control processes. As a business owner and manager, I have gone through design, permitting, construction, and operation phases with 35 employees to manage and support. I am most proud of the business culture, standards, and practices that are still in place today. Working outside in trees was a natural extension of a life spent in parks and among wild places on cliff sides. After 13 years at a desk, arboriculture solidified a sense of obligation to dedicate myself to combating global warming, climate change, ecosystem disruption and loss, and the suite of challenges that define our times. I will not have any children, but I plan to live for another 40+ years, and intend to do what I can to leave things better for those who pick up where I leave off.


  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Sinks
  • Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Strategies
  • Energy & Renewables
  • Waste
  • Circular Economy
  • Planetary Boundaries
  • GIS
  • Graphical Data
  • Astrophysics
  • Trail Running
  • Rock Climbing


BSc, Physics - University of Texas
Austin, TX, 2003

Graduate & Advisor Program

Dr Stephen Ogle
Ecosystem Science & Sustainability

Rich Conant
Ecosystem Science & Sustainability


  • Student Sustainability Council
  • American Alpine Club
  • Union of Concerned Scientists

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