About Evan

I moved to Colorado in the summer of 2004 and spent most of my life growing up here. Over the course of that 18 years talk of water scarcity became an increasingly important topic. I took interest in these issues which eventually led me to where I am today. While I was earning my undergraduate degree in Environmental Science, I was also doing field work. I got to help with a few projects and learned how to conduct ground cover surveys, obtain water discharge measurements, and remote sensing via drone. This past summer I had two different internships. One was tracking ephemeral streams in Arapahoe National Forest for Stream Tracker. The other internship I am a lab technician for the Rocky Mountain Research Station analyzing water quality impacts due the Cameron Peak Fire of 2020. I learned how to operate various lab equipment and field sampling techniques. I am still currently working both internships and still learning every day.


  • Hydrology
  • Groundwater
  • Water Quality / Chemistry
  • Geomorphology


P.S.M, Ecosystem Science Sustainability - Water - Colorado State Univeristy
Fort Collins CO, 2022

B.S., Environmental Sciences - Univeristy of Northern Colorado
Greeley CO, 2021

Graduate & Advisor Program

Matt Ross
PSM ESS - Water Track

Awards, Honors, Grants

  • Dean's List, 2021