Employer: GeoSystems, Inc

Job Title: Researcher/Assistant

Degree: Geology, Spring 2015



Job Description:

Researching and analyzing soils and Geology Reports for sites of interest. Working with Senior Geologists in the field to identify rock types, develop, log, and map test pits on site. Working in the lab, conducting direct and residual shear tests, moisture and density tests, consolidation tests, and chemical tests. Using AutoCAD to produce direct shear test diagrams, plate templates for reports, test pit and boring logs, and cross-sections. Using programs to produce seismic parameters for site of interest.

Future Plans:

Continue to work under the Senior Geologist at GeoSystems so that I can eventually test to become a Licensed Professional Geologist (Not all states require a license – CA does)

Advice for future students:

The main thing that I can say I took away from my college experience is: strategy. No matter what class or project you have, there are always different ways to tackle whatever is on your plate, so when you’re stressed out, just try to keep an open mind and look at your options. Something I really want people to realize is that everyone functions differently. So stop comparing yourself to your peers. Just because you see others studying/working a certain way, doesn’t mean that’s the best method for you. And remember, what may be good for you may not be good for someone else. So if getting a C on an exam is an accomplishment for you, don’t let someone else’s goals diminish your own. Take your time in college to really understand how you function in a learning environment. It’s important to get to know yourself, because when you get in the real world, there is still going to be a learning curve for the first couple of years. Another thing I really want to emphasize to other students is to please utilize your resource – whether it is office hours, tutoring, the counseling center, or RDS. Don’t be afraid to reach out if you are having trouble, because support is always available to you at CSU. Talk with your professors, because often times it’s going to be your responsibility to make sure you’re getting the education you’re paying for. I highly recommend visiting the counseling center and/or RDS because those services can help provide you with an enjoyable academic experience that will get you to walk at graduation, and I should have started using them sooner rather than later.