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Ecosystems include the many processes of life that support and enrich humankind. These processes include interactions among organisms and species, the flow of energy and the cycling of matter, and the maintenance of diverse and complex communities of microbes, plants and animals.

Our responsibility is to understand the world’s ecosystems and the effect of human societies on ecosystem processes and their long-term sustainability. Research and education are central to that understanding, enhancing our ability to manage for the sustainability of ecosystems, societies and the biosphere.

Students will integrate the latest science into real-world decision-making and public policy, with the ultimate goal of managing our planet's natural resources – the air, water, land and biological diversity upon which all life depends – sustainably into the future.  The Department currently offers comprehensive undergraduate and graduate programs in the discipline of watershed science, as well as an undergraduate program in ecosystem science and sustainability.

... When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.  -Naturalist John Muir

Dr. Falkowski contributes to a USDA project

ESS’ newest faculty member, Dr. Michael Falkowski, is contributing to a USDA project, The Sage Grouse Initiative to better target invasive species that are damaging sage grouse habitat and associated rangeland. He has created a Tree Canopy Cover layer of their new interactive online map, which shows...

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Laituri encourages participation in Jefferson Science Fellowship

Laituri encourages participation in Jefferson Science Fellowship Professor Melinda Laituri recently completed a year as a Jefferson Science Fellow in Washington D.C. working as a science advisor for U.S. Foreign policy to the US. Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development.

The Jefferson Science Fellows program was established in 2003 to ...

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Congrats Spring/Summer 2016 Graduates

The Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability would like to congratulate our spring and summer 2016 graduates participating in commencement activities this weekend!

Watershed Science
Bachelor of Science Degrees

Bickel, James M. Spring 2016
Creed, William F. Spring 2016
Davis, Robert L. Spring 2016

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