Season 1

Warner College Plants the Seed with Troy Olchetree

S01 Episode 1

Troy Ocheltree, a plant ecophysiologist and an assistant professor at Colorado State University details how he became interested in plants and discusses the research projects that he is working on including drought and fire tolerance in plants and how this research pertains to ecosystem recovery.

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Fleshing out Warner College with Connor Flechsig

S01 Episode 2

Connor Flechsig is a senior studying Natural Resources Management. Join us as we talk about the Pulliam Scholars Program, studying abroad in New Zealand, and the stigmatization (positive and negative) that comes with being a Warner student. We also address the all too familiar feeling we experience as college students that is, what we really want to do with our natural resources degree.

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The Journey of a Conservationist with George Wittemyer

S01 Episode 3

Dr. George Wittemyer, is a professor and elephant conservationist here at Colorado State. In this episode he touches on his journey to becoming a conservationist as well as the factors contributing to the declining numbers of elephants and how this generation could use global communication to bring awareness to the issues surrounding this intellectual species.

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Study Abroad and Undergraduate Research with Gabby Moreno

S01 Episode 4

Gabby Moreno is a senior studying Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology. Tune in to learn about Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) through the National Science Foundation (NSF) and her experience with research abroad in Costa Rica (and the surprises that come along with it).

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