Season 5

First year student spills all: Demystifying the First Year Frenzy

S05 Episode 1

Join Kelley and the new co-host Anna as they speak with Amanda, a first year Human Dimension of Natural Resources major. As a new student to CSU, Amanda speaks on her experience adjusting to university life as an out-of-state student. Tune in to get your answers to the orientation and Ram Welcome process, as well as the debunking of myths about coming to college.

Bat to the Basics: Undergraduate Research Celebrating Bat Week

S05 Episode 2

If you are coming to CSU hoping to sink your teeth into undergraduate research, this is the podcast for you! Ethan, an Ecosystem Science and Sustainability major in the SUPER research program introduces you to his involvement in bat research as Halloween approaches. Additional research opportunities are also shared in this episode for anyone eager to spread their wings in university wide research initiatives.

An Uphill Battle: How Experts Think Ski Tourism Can Adapt to Climate Stress

S05 Episode 3

With climate stress and shorter ski seasons in some regions that heavily depend on tourism, it is easy to think that the ski industry is going downhill. However, Dr. Sunshine Swetnam, an assistant professor in Human Dimensions of Natural Resources, a CSU Mountain Campus faculty member, and Ski Area Management Master’s Certificate Lead thinks this is an unfair assumption. Tune in to hear Sunshine, Kelley, and Anna break the ice on how collaboration between stakeholders can restore damaged ecosystems that people depend on for ski tourism, and what the future of the “Mountain Fun Industry” will look like.

G’Day with Grace: Studying Abroad in Australia

S05 Episode 4

Join Grace, a fourth-year Human Dimensions of Natural Resources major, as she shares her experience studying abroad in Australia. In this podcast, Grace provides helpful tips on how to apply, prepare for solo travel, and balance coursework with experiential excursions. Whether you’re considering studying abroad or just love to travel, join Grace for an insightful and engaging conversation.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Forestry Careers 

S05 Episode 5

Join Candra Burns, DEI advocate and Natural Resources media consultant, as she explores the importance of DEI work in Forestry careers. In this podcast, Candra shares tips on how to honor your diversity in your career search, and provides insights for undergraduates and professionals looking to navigate DEI in the field. This podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in promoting diversity and equity in Forestry.

Addressing the Musk Ox in the Room

S05 Episode 6

Join Kelley and Anna for a short and sweet minisode about the Warner Ram musk ox. This quirky phenomenon has taken the Warner Atrium by storm, and your hosts provide insights into its arrival and the research behind it. If you’re curious about this unique and lovable creature, tune in to this fun and informative podcast.