We are a student-led group enthusiastic about reducing waste on campus and in our personal lives, through outreach and education. We host waste diversion and up-cycling events such as home football, volleyball, and basketball games, craft nights, and potlucks. We hope to spread knowledge about proper waste management practices, in order to create a culture of zero waste on campus and throughout our community. We also work directly with the University to improve waste infrastructure, with a focus on compost collection.
  • Waste Diversion: We divert waste at many of the athletics games such as Football, Volleyball and Basketball. (Photos)
  • Waste Diversion Move-in / Move-out (Photos)
  • Sustainability Initiatives and Projects: We work with many different student organizations and groups to try and make CSU and it’s community more sustainable.
    • Recent Projects: E-Waste Drive, Clothing Swap, Composting in Resident Halls
  • CSU Zero Waste Sorting Guide
  • Zero Waste Tips!
    • Use shampoo and conditioner bars to reduce plastic consumption
    • Use a metal razor
    • Buy in bulk
    • Reduce meat consumption
    • Clean out glass food jars and reuse them as Tupperware, drinking glasses, plant propagation containers, and more
    • Shop at local thrift stores
    • Buy local foods (Farmers Markets!)
    • Keep reusing notebooks until they are out of paper
    • Donate unwanted items to the thrift store
    • Use proper waste sorting techniques
    • Tell your friends about Zero Waste!
      • Nobody is perfect, and this is not something that will change overnight. Work on one goal at a time and be proud of yourself for coming this far!

We have Zero Waste Team meetings every Thursday from 6:00 – 7:00pm in the Michael Smith Natural Resources (MSNR) Building – Room 142

President – McKenna Skokos (mckenna9@colostate.edu)

Vice President – Sam Cummings (sam180@colostate.edu)

Outreach Coordinators – Ashlee Ducharme (ashle3@colostate.edu) and Gaia Poneta (gaia@colostate.edu)

Social Media Coordinator – Arysa Puckett (arysap@colostate.edu)

Financial Officers – Lili Vaughan (lili.vaughan@colostate.edu) and Aidan Lyde (ailyde@colostate.edu)


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  • Feel free to Email us with any questions, concerns, inquiries or ideas that you may have! – csuzerowasteteam@gmail.com