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Be part of an international honors society for students in forestry and the natural resources field!

Xi Sigma Pi is an international honors society for students in forestry and natural resources fields. Members must first be nominated on merit and complete an initiation process in order to be considered full members of the society. Requirements achieving this can be found in the the Membership section.

Our Purpose
  • Secure and maintain a high standard of scholarship in natural resources education
  • Encourage the advancement of the natural resources profession
  • Promote a fraternal spirit among those engaged in activities related to the natural resources
Why Should You Be In Xi Sigma Pi?
  • You’ve earned the opportunity to be in it!
  • Great opportunity to network with other students, faculty, researchers, and professionals from different fields
  • Eligible for Regional Xi Sigma Pi Scholarship
  • Membership is a great resume builder
  • Potential edge for employment opportunities over non-members

Since its creation at the turn of the 20th century, Xi Sigma Pi has become one of the most well-known natural resources and forestry honors societies today. Xi Sigma Pi was originally founded at the University of Washington on November 24, 1908, and is now comprised of over 40 chapters across the USA and Canada. In addition, Xi Sigma Pi has recently been recognized as a member of the Association of College Honors Societies.

The Omicron Chapter at Colorado State University was established in 1943. While Xi Sigma Pi was initially intended to be solely a forestry honors society here at Colorado State University, we have expanded our chapter to acknowledge the hard work and dedication put forth by students of ALL natural resources fields. Our membership represents the vast diversity of individuals present within the Warner College of Natural Resources at Colorado State University.

We meet biweekly in Forestry 127

Students must receive a
nomination letter to be a member

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Questions? Email us at xisigmapi.csurams@gmail.com

Annual Events

-Highway cleanup along the Poudre Canyon
-Annual Dinner

Xi Sigma Pi Membership

Undergraduates Graduates
  • Student in Warner College of Natural Resources
  • At least 60 credit hours
  • At least 10 Natural Resource credits
  • 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Student in Warner College of Natural Resources
  • 10 former Natural Resource credits
  • Completed at least 1 semester at CSU
  • 3.0 GPA or higher


Students who receive nomination letters have been nominated for XSP, but in order to achieve membership they must:

  • Attend two meetings and participate in the highway cleanup
  • Construct a PLAQUE with the XSP insignia and acquire faculty signatures
  • Have a basic knowledge of history and aims of XSP
  • Pay a one-time, lifetime membership fee at initiation ($35)

Xi Sigma Pi Plaque

All Xi Sigma Pi initiates are required to make a plaque.

A plaque must be made out of wood (be creative) and have the following:

Using a wood burner, etch the Xi Sigma Pi insignia onto the plaque

  • The Fir Tree: The most significant part of the symbol
    • Represents vigorous life, typical of youth
    • The general study of forestry, upon which the society was founded
  • The Crescent
    • The crescent on which the fir tree stands is the symbol of Pallas Athene, the Greek goddess of wisdom and patroness of the arts and industries
  • The Oval with Pi and Alpha
    • The first letters of the Greek goddess’s name
  • Letters
    • Xi: Eternal Friendship
    • Sebus: Honor
    • Para: Earnest Endeavour


  • Collect at least 3 signatures of Warner College professors/instructors

Xi Sigma Pi Events

Our organization hosts service projects, meetings, outings, and guest speakers for our members.

  • Biweekly meetings: Forestry 127
  • April 14th, 2018: Highway cleanup along the Poudre Canyon
 Email xisigmapi.csurams@gmail.com for current information!