Field Ornithologists at Colorado State University

Our Mission:

This organization aims to share an appreciation and understanding of
local birding, avian ecology, and avian conservation issues. We foster enthusiasm for birding by organizing birding trips to experience the unique bird communities of both local and distant habitats. Through regular classroom meetings, we promote an understanding of avian ecology and conservation.

Upcoming Events


Saturday 17th 7:00AM Forestry Lot-Bird Banding with Bird Conservancy of the Rockies at Barr Lake State Park


-Monday 2nd | 5pm| Wagar-
Why a Flyway Approach is Needed for Shorebird Conservation- An Example from the Western Atlantic Flyway and Sustainable Shorebird Hunting. A presentation from Brad Andres the National Coordinator of the US Shorebird Conservation Program

-Sunday 8 | 7:30am | Forestry Lot-
A trip to Timnath Reservoir to view migrating shorebirds, wadingbirds, and waterfowl.

-Sunday 15 | 8:00am | Forestry Lot-
A trip the Denver Museum of Nature and Science with a behind the scenes tour from curators Garth Spellman and Jeff Stephenson. This is a partner trip with the Wildlife Disease Association.

-Sun 29th | 7:30am | Forestry Lot-
Join us for a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park where we’ll hike and bird watch enjoying views of Cassin’s Finch, Pine Grosbeak, Red Crossbills, and maybe even Ptarmigan.

-Mon 30th | 5:00 PM | General Meeting
Discuss upcoming trips and seminars.


-Sat 4th | 7:30AM | Forestry Lot
Reservoir Trip


-Sat 2nd | 8:00AM | Forestry Lot
Lory State Park


To learn more about our organization or sign up for trips please email us at