CSU Mountain Campus

Pingree Park renamed to CSU Mountain Campus, April 6, 2015.  Read more here.
Having fun at Pingree Park Campus

The CSU Mountain Campus is located in a high valley of the Rocky Mountains (9,000 feet above sea level), approximately 2 hours drive west of the city of Fort Collins.  It is surrounded by two National Forests and Rocky Mountain National Park.

Undergraduate students with majors in forestry, natural resource management, rangeland ecology, watershed, ecosystem science and sustainability, and fish, wildlife, and conservation biology are required to attend a four-week summer session (NR220) at Pingree Park, typically in the summer between their sophomore and junior years.

In addition, forestry students are required to attend an additional two week session (F230) at the CSU Mountain Campus that covers material specific to forestry.


NR 220 - Natural Resource Ecology and Measurements Information
Three NR 220 sessions will be offered during the 2016 summer session:
Session 1 - May 16 - June 10 (001-50702 & L01-50704)
Session 2 - June 13 - July 8 (002-50703 & L02-50705)
Session 3 - July 11 - August 5 (003-56271 & L03-56272)

Please see this registration flyer for information on registration (registration begins March 22 at noon).  When you register in  RamWeb make sure you choose the Summer Session as RamWeb may default to Fall Semester.

After the registration period is complete, we will have a mandatory introduction on April 14, 2016 from 5:30-6:45pm in Plant Sciences (PLSCI C101). Here are the slides from that meeting, if you missed the meeting. 

Before attending NR 220, you will need to sign liability and permission forms.  These will be available on the Canvas website in late April. These forms include:
Required NR 220 Liability Release
Required Mountain Campus Housing Agreement
Required Alcohol and Drug Policy
Optional Van Driver Agreement
Optional cabin assignment request

Here is a list of books and supplies needed for NR 220; most will be available at the CSU bookstore.

For those needing financial assistance, check out Student Financial Services for summer (http://sfs.colostate.edu/summer-financial-aid).

For students in WCNR, consider applying for a WCNR scholarship (http://taurus.cnr.colostate.edu/apps/scholarship/)

Consider applying to be a Resident Assistant at the Mountain Campus during your session (Resident Assistant job opportunity/application)
If you are a graduate student, or have taken NR 220 in the past, consider applying to be a TA for NR 220.
Here is a nice opportunity to work with the Colorado State Forest Service for part of the summer.
F 230 - Forestry Field Measurements Information

F230, Summer 2016:  May 30 - 12

Please see the F230 registration flyer (coming soon) and/or Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information.

CSU Mountain Campus Information

Information for students and residents about the Mountain Campus (e.g., what to expect, what you need, policies)

More information about the CSU Mountain Campus facilities is here.
Check out the CSU Mountain Campus web cam.


Study Guides

Trees and Shrubs :  Verbal Descriptions

Trees:  pictures

Shrubs: pictures

Grasses and Forbs: Verbal Descriptions

Grasses:  pictures

Forbs: pictures