Profession: Petroleum Geologist at Border To Border Exploration

Degree: B.S. Geology, 2002

Why I do the work I do:

To find new reserves of oil and gas within the continental US, drill them, and operate the wells.

The work I do on a daily basis:

Geologic, production, and economic analysis of subsurface formations, using well logs, seismic data, core analysis, production reports, and cost analysis, to determine where or where not to drill an oil or gas well. After we have found a location and secured the mineral rights, we will move in a drilling rig and drill the prospective well.How my degree prepared me: My degree gave me the foundation for everything that I do today. It's pretty simple, The geology degree helps me do geology.

Early inspiration:

I was fascinated with minerals and had a rock collection when I was younger, I still have it, but it's only gotten bigger.

Faculty member who had the greatest impact:

Frank Ethridge and Jerry Maglaughlin - Well I was not your "shining student" in the class room. Although it was not within my ability to get an "A" in a class, I had equally important things that distracted me such asfly fishing. I know this frustrated the faculty, but I excelled when in itcame to the things that were more hands on geology such as field camp and field trips. Frank and Jerry realized this and didn't shun me for my unique study habits, and when it came time for the real test at field camp I proved to them that I was smarter than my grades in the classroom showed.

Proud moment at Warner CNR:

Receiving the highest grade on my paper for Frank's area at field camp. It felt good to recognize a complete sequence stratigraphy complex in an outcrop, when everybody else thought that it was something else. I still use that knowledge today when prospecting for oil and gas.

Memorable moment at Warner CNR:

Definitely Field Camp, where else at CSU can you get a grade for camping for 7 weeks all over Colorado and New Mexico. I can honestly say that it was the best time of my life.

Favorite class at Warner CNR:

Field Camp (G 436) and Mineralogy (G 232)

Advice to students:

I know it sounds cliché but do what you want to do. I have a fascination with geology and the way the Earth works in general. Because I enjoyed what I studied at CSU, and now that I'm in the real world it makes everyday so much fun. I have fun doing what I do and everyday when I wake up it's not "Damn, I have to get up and go to work again!", I love my job. But the advice is to filter out all the things that other people tell you to do, and do what you like. That's the only way you're going to be happy.

Words to live by:

Go against the grain and be your own person.