Profession: I am currently a Geologist at Terracon, which is a firm for consulting engineers and scientists.

Degree: Bachelor of Science in geology, 2003

The work I do on a daily basis:

My daily work schedule varies from day to day. I spend roughly a quarter of my days in my office, a quarter in the lab, and half my time in the field. I collect raw data and sub surface samples, analyze the data, and then create subsurface boring logs. The boring logs are then used to make structure design recommendations.

How my degree prepared me:

My degree prepared me for my present position by teaching me how to conceive and test hypothesis. Because of the lessons I learned in my curriculum I can make decisions about the data I need to collect in order to analyze it with respect to the information I wish to know about an area.

Faculty member who had the greatest impact:

Dr. Frank Ethridge was the professor that had the greatest impact on me, because he led me to my ultimate goal, graduation. Dr. Ethridge was always supportive and always willing to help. I must say however, every one of the professors in the Geology department had an impact on me; they are all great teachers.

Proud moment at Warner CNR:

Of course graduation was my proudest academic moment, because it signified the accomplishment of my goals to obtain my Bachelors degree, but meeting my fiancé at CSU was my most memorable.

Favorite class at Warner CNR:

My favorite class was "Field Camp." Field camp gave my classmates and I the opportunity to apply the knowledge we acquired in class to conceive and test hypothesis in the field. I also practiced and learned great team and independent working skills. I learned field decision-making skills and applications. Finally field camp was an intimate way to see and learn about the Colorado and Northern New Mexico Rocky Mountains.

Advice to students:

I would say to students, set goals and never stop until they are achieved despite any and all obstacles.