We can knot get over how much fun we’re going to have this year! The Human Knot, name games, and other team building activities are integral to the fun, supportive community we foster here at the ELC. As new and returning staff gather, we have been attending staff training to prepare for an awesome season ahead. We are all so excited to teach children about the environment and help staff members participate in human knotfoster a passion for nature in the next generation.

Silly and serious activities like drawing life-sized versions of what the ideal environmental educator looks like, as well as pouring over important policies and safety procedures have guided the past few weeks of training. Here at the ELC we want to have as much fun as possible while teaching about this beautiful place we call home. Our educational staff is made up completely of CSU students, most of whom are in the Warner College of Natural Resources. With this much knowledge, passion, and good humor, we know this is going to be a great season!staff members draw an environmental leader