Season 2

What’s Your Warner College Why?

S02 Episode 1

Join Madison and Rachael as they co-host season 2. This episode is an introduction to the season. You will get to know a little bit about them and why they are so passionate about Warner College of Natural Resources.

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Geology Is What Brings Us Together  

S02 Episode 2

We interact with elements of Geosciences in our daily lives without even knowing it. Ethan Andrews is an Environmental Geology major and brings a lot of passion to the major. Tune in as you hear from Ethan as he dives deep into the intersections and impacts of Geology.

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Spreading Knowledge and Love for Natural Resources  

Chilling In The Trees

Chill in the trees as Madison and Rachael unpack their impactful experiences with hands-on learning in Natural Resources. Note: Chilling in the Trees are smaller discussions on topics the co-hosts want to explore.

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