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Be part of a recognized student chapter of the Colorado Section of the Society for Range Management!

The Society for Range Management (SRM) is the national scientific and educational organization representing the rangeland management profession in the United States.  Founded in 1948 by Joseph Pechanec (among others), it has over 4,000 members in 48 countries, including many developing nations.

Welcome! We seek to extend student education outside the classroom through experiential learning, networking opportunities with professionals both locally and nationally, and the chance to socialize among peers with a common interest in the study, management, and rational use of rangelands and related ecosystems.

Join our community!

  • Develop an understanding of range ecosystems and the principles applicable for managing resources
  • Get hands-on experience through participating in club-sponsored fieldwork such as plant collection, land restoration and measurement
  • Build networks with experienced professionals from the Colorado Section of the Society for Range Management
  • Identify areas of interest for your studies and potential future employers
  • Gain exposure to specialties within the profession through guest speakers.
  • Have access to information and resources that facilitate your schoolwork.
  • Meet other students with common interests within the rangeland management program outside the classroom.

For information on club meetings and field day events, please email the Range Ecology Club to learn more.

All are welcome regardless of
degree track or academic level!

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Annual Events

-SRM Meeting: February 12-16, 2023 in Boise, Idaho
-Professional Section Meetings
-Range Field Days

Rangeland Ecology Club Meetings

All majors at CSU are welcome to attend both our general club meetings and plant identification team meetings. In our general club meetings, we discuss upcoming events, invite in guest speakers from the field, and get to meet new people interested in range science!

Plant ID Meetings

Come learn how to identify North American grasses, forbs, and shrubs. Every year at the Society for Range Management Annual Meeting a competition is held for undergraduate students to test their knowledge on identifying over 200 plant species.

The Society for Range Management National Convention.

The annual meeting for the Society for Range Management (SRM) professional society meets every year in different locatoins.


Vice President




Plant ID Coaches

Chris Archuleta

Liza Schill

Dustan Diaz

Lucille Rollins

Connor Wilson

Sienna Wessel, Kate Weimer


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