This week we are highlighting two staff members, Saphyre and Carmen! They have both been awarded our Super Estrella Empleado Del Mes award (Super Star Staff of the Month).

In September,  our super star staff member was Saphyre, who is from Aurora CO. She is also currently completing her 4th and final year at CSU, with a major in Human Dimensions of Natural Resources and a minor in Global Environmental Sustainability. Her favorite past times are sewing, knitting, and painting. She currently is a member of CSU’s U-Chorus. The one thing she is most proud of is the lesson plan she created called Structure Detectives! With this lesson plan she developed some innovative activities she hope she can add to future programs. If she could have any super power Saphyre would like to have the ability to produce her own vitamin C, she feels that this would help her to get over being sick more quickly. 


In October, our staff star was Carmen! She is a junior in the Ecosystem Science and Sustainability major, coming to us all the way from Colorado Springs, CO. With this position she hopes to inspire kids to question the world around them, and also give them a sense of belonging and place within the outdoors. She believes if we can continue to educate kids about the planet then we will be continuing to create future scientists and big picture thinkers that can help our planet. Whenever she can, Carmen tries to spend her time rock climbing, playing music, and just being outside! With all her time spent outside this summer Carmen accomplished her first multi-pitch climb in Golden, CO. She said it was 6 pitches and 400 feet up! Plus,  her secret talent is that she is a musician. Carmen played in classical and jazz bands for 8 years and even played her freshman year of college.


We are so thankful for all their hard work and dedication. We can not wait to see what else they can bring to the ELC!