About Janet

I am an aquatic ecologist with over a decade of experience in stream and lake systems. My work has primarily focused on 1) understanding trends in stream chemistry and the factors influencing those trends, 2) understanding the prevalence and effects of organic and inorganic contaminants on stream communities and trophic networks, 3) monitoring and parameterizing streams and lakes in the Rocky Mountains and Colorado Front Range to aid in native greenback cutthroat trout recovery and 4) management of long-term stream monitoring programs. I truly enjoy finding the story hidden in a large data set, second only to spending a beautiful day conducting fieldwork on a Colorado mountain stream. I joined the Colorado Natural Heritage Program in 2019.

Selected Articles

Common insecticide disrupts aquatic communities: A mesocosm to field ecological risk assessment of fipronil and its degradates in U.S. streams

Science Advances, , 2020

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