About Danielle

Danielle considers Golden, Colorado home but grew up traveling the world with her family and living in countries such as Australia and India. She graduated from Colorado State University in 2017 with a BS in Ecosystem System Science & Sustainability. After climbing Mt Kilimanjaro then spending time in Montana, Danielle returned to CSU to pursue a master’s degree in Watershed Science and is planning to graduate in Summer of 2021; her research primarily focuses on the hydrology of alpine snow. Danielle spends her free time taking care of her plants and animals, playing Ultimate, reading an adventure book, or recreating outside.


  • Shortwave Radiation
  • Albedo of snow
  • Light Absorbing Particulates
  • Radiative Transfer
  • Energy Budget


B.S, Ecosystem Science & Sustainability - Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO, 2017

Graduate & Advisor Program

Steven Fassnacht
MS Program, Watershed