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I have been working at the NREL since 1970 after getting an MS in Watershed Science - first as the coordinator of computer programming activities and data analysis for what was then the Grassland Biome Study of the International Biological Program - the large NSF grant that first got the NREL going. Since then I have earned my Ph.D. degree in Animal Science from CSU and have worked my way up to the rank of Senior Research Scientist here. I am a semi-retired, semi-nomadic systems ecologist with specialties in the ecology and nutrtion of large grazing animals, and the dynamcis of pastoral ecosystems in arid and semi-arid regions. I have had the good fortune to have worked internationally throughout my career. With Jm Ellis, Kathy Galvin, Mike Coughenour and others I began working in the Turkana District of Kenya in 1980 trying to understand the ecology and society of a traditional subsistence pastoral system. This has led to further work on pastoral systems in other parts of Kenya, Tanzania and China. In addition I have worked to a lesser degree in Pakistan, Morocco, Argentina, Iran and Ethiopia. Most of my research in the States has been related to wildlife issues in Colorado, centerirng on questions of the nutritional energetics and carrying capacity of deer and elk.

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  • Systems ecology, animal ecology and nutrition, human ecology, simulation modeling. I am also interested in hiking, snowshoeing and birding


Ph.D., Animal Science - CSU
Fort Collins, CO, 1985

MS, Watershed Science - CSU
Fort Collins, CO, 1970

BS, Forest Botany - NY State College of Forestry
Syracuse, NY, 1963

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