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Dr. Kalkhan has many years of diversified of experience including but are not limited: Scientific Research, Teaching, Project Management/Administration, International Capacity Building-Development, Consulting, Peer Review Proposal Writing/Funding-Reporting; Monitoring and Evaluation, Big Data (acquisition-management-gathering-crunching-analysis, reporting, concepts-calculations), information dissemination/ reporting, data mining (spatial and non-spatial, predictive models-projects-reporting), and quality assurance & inspection. Outreach initiatives with over 300 professional stake-holder presentations, published pre-review scientific publications, technical reports and poster presentations. Areas of specializations are Biometrics, Remote Sensing, GIS, Geo-Spatial Statistics, Qualitative & Quantitative Methods (Modeling-Testing-Implementations-Reporting), and Sampling- Survey Designs. Professional work include but not limited to issues related to ecological forecasting of biological invasion- biodiversity, eco-system, natural resource management, forest resources and rangelands, crops and yield forecasting, land degradation-deforestation, soil ecosystems characteristics, land use systems, public health (dust, sand storms, infectious disease, air-water pollution and quality, waste management), wetlands resources (assessment, determinations, delineations, endangered species richness- habitat and environmental assessment-impact, forecasting, ecosystem-habitat), integrated water resources & management, energy resource management, human terrain analysis (HTS), economic & social impact, business & risk analysis, climate change- adaptation-resilience with impact focus from local to global.

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  • Biometrics (Methods, Analysis, Modeling, Applications) Geospatial Information Sciences and Technology (Remote Sensing, GIS, GPS, Aerial Photography); Thematic Mapping Accuracy Assessment Spatial Statistics, Sampling Survey-Design, Statistics (Parametric and Non Parametric) Landscape Ecology, Ecological and Environment (Modeling, Mapping, Forecasting) Land Degradation, Deforestation, Integrated Water Resources; Crops Monitoring, Forecasting; Biological Invasion, Biodiversity, Sustainability of Renewable Resources Climate Change: Pollution (Dust Storm, Sand, Water, Air, Traffic, Public Health); Natural Resources Management, Forest Wildfire- Ecology (Modeling and Mapping).


PhD, Forest Biometrics- Remote Sensing - Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO, 1994

MSc, Forest Mensuration - University of Mosul
Mosul, Iraq, 1980

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