About Mevin

Dr. Hooten's research is in the area of ecological and environmental statistics. He develops statistical methods for spatial and spatio-temporal ecological data.

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  • Spatial, Temporal, and Spatio-Temporal Ecological Modeling using Bayesian Methods and Hierarchical Models.

Selected Publications

An accessible method for implementing hierarchical models with spatio-temporal abundance data

  • Ross, B.Hooten, M., & Koons, D.,

Combined effects of climate, predation, and density dependence on Greater and Lesser Scaup population dynamics

  • Ross, B., Hooten, M., DeVink, J.Koons, D., & others, .,

Practical guidance on characterizing availability in resource selection functions under a use-availability design

  • Northrup, J., Hooten, M.Anderson, Charles R., Jr., ., & Wittemyer, G.,

Movement reveals scale dependence in habitat selection of a large ungulate

  • Northrup, J., Anderson, Charles R., Jr., .Hooten, M., & Wittemyer, G.,

Climate influences the demography of three dominant sagebrush steppe plants

  • Dalgleish, H., Koons, D., Hooten, M.Moffet, C., & Adler, P.,