PC Lab Print Quotas

Background and Guidelines »


Each Warner College of Natural Resources (Warner CNR) student pays a Charge for Technology (CFT) fee of $94.50/semester. These funds pay a portion of the cost of running the Warner CNR computer laboratories (computer hardware and software, printing services, student staff). How the money generated by these fees is spent is determined by the College’s Computer Committee, which includes representatives from both faculty and students (student representatives on the Computer Committee are selected by the College Council).

There has been growing concern by both students and faculty on the Computer Committee over the ever rising cost of printing in the Warner CNR computer labs.  In 2004, WCNR students voted to place a quota system in place that would monitor and in effect, regulate the speed at which students could print in the labs after a certain threshold was exceeded. The committee developed the following guidelines, based on consumables cost (not including printers) of $0.02/page for black & white and $0.13 for color:

  • All students begin with 1300 print credits
  • Black & white printers charge 2 credits per page
  • Color printers charge 13 credits per page
  • All students will be given an additional 1300 credits on July 1 and January 1
  • Any credit amount not used is carried forward to the next semester
  • Increases of 500 credits are given when a printing account drops below 250 credits

How Will It Work ?


A program will run each time you log into the lab computers which will display the printing credits available to you. You can click on the ‘refresh’ icon at any time to view your current available credit. When the balance on this ‘account’ drops below 250 credits, requests for an additional 500 credits can be made.

Request a print quota increase here – https://intranet.warnercnr.colostate.edu/papercut

If you have comments or questions regarding this system, they should be directed to College Council Representatives or email printmgr@warnercnr.colostate.edu .

Please note:
While this printing system was devised using actual printing costs as described above, no exchange of money is actually made, and “credits” cannot be redeemed.