Laptop Checkout

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WCNR students can checkout new HP laptops!  The laptops have most of the software available in the PC Labs installed on them and they can be reserved up to 24 hours in advance.  Please see the PC Lab assistant in CAL (NR room 107) for more information or to check one out.

Questions or concerns?  Please email WCNR_IT_Support@Mail.ColoState.EDU

WCNR Laptop Checkout Policies & Procedures »


  1. You can only check out a laptop if you have an account in WCNR.
  2. Must have your CSU ID or know your CSU ID # along with a valid photo ID.
  3. Only one laptop can be checked out per person.
  4. The laptop needs to be checked back in within 3 hours of checkout, otherwise you will not be allowed to check one out again for a period of one week.  After 3 late check-in’s, you will not be allowed to check out a laptop for the remainder of the semester.
  5. A laptop can be reserved up to 24 hours in advance, but only one reservation is allowed at a time until the laptop is returned.
  6. You will be supplied with one laptop, one adapter, one case. All 3 must be returned at check-in.
  7. After turning on the laptop, wait a few minutes before logging in with your WCNR username and password.  This will ensure the wireless signal for the PC Lab network is fully functional.
  8. When using your flash drive, you may receive an error message. In this case, unplug your flash drive and plug it back in and you should then be able to access it.