Accelerated Master’s Program

The Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP) at Colorado State University provides an opportunity for CSU undergraduate students in specific majors to enroll in graduate level coursework. The credits count toward the student’s undergraduate degree as well as a graduate credential (e.g., graduate certificate, Master’s degree), which means can save money and time on a graduate credential by earning credits during their undergraduate studies.


In the Human Dimensions of Natural Resources department, undergraduate majors in the B.S. degree in Natural Resource Tourism can enroll in courses in the department’s Ski Area Management and/or Adventure Tourism graduate program, and count the credits toward a Ski Area Management or Adventure Tourism graduate certificate, or the Department’s Master’s in Tourism Management.

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At a minimum, all students will save money by earning graduate credits as an undergraduate that can later count toward a graduate credential with no additional costs.

Non-resident students can also save money during their undergraduate studies; graduate courses available to NRT students via the AMP option are all online, and online courses cost less for non-residents than on-campus (or ‘resident instruction’) courses.  The actual savings will depend on the number of enrolled credits. As an example, a non-resident student who shifts to online courses for 12 credits for a single semester would save more than $5,000.

Not at all! For any student interested in this option, HDNR is committed to making the option work out and keep you on track with your current graduation timeline.

Any 500-level online course in HDNR’s graduate program in Ski Area Management, Adventure Tourism or Master’s in Tourism Management program is available for NRT enrollment.  Click on the program for a list of the course and descriptions.

This will be a case by case scenario depending on the student’s coursework completed to date, their future goals, and other factors.

The AMP limit set by the CSU Graduate School is nine (9) credits. However, most of the graduate courses available to NRT students in the AMP program are two (2) credits, so the maximum that can be earned is eight (8). Note: for Master’s degree, students must complete a minimum of 21 credits of the Master’s degree as an accepted student by the CSU Graduate School.

In most cases, the maximum credits earned while an undergraduate will be eight (8) credits. For the graduate certificate in Adventure Tourism or Ski Area Management, students will need to take an additional four credits (for a total of 12). For the Master’s in Tourism Management, students will need to take an additional 21 credits.

After completing an NRT undergraduate degree, the student must apply to and pay for the fee for CSU Graduate School for acceptance into the HDNR graduate certificate in Adventure Tourism or Ski Area Management, or the Master’s in Tourism Management. Graduate application will only be accepted within one year prior to intended start date of the student’s graduate program. Final admission is granted when students meet the minimum graduate program and Graduate School requirements (e.g., minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA) upon completing of their bachelor’s degree. Note that participation in AMP is a conditional guarantee of admission to the CSU Graduate School. Students must still meet minimum requirements and departmental acceptance. Click here for an overview of CSU Graduate School admission processes.

The graduate courses available to NRT undergraduates via the AMP are all taught in an online asynchronous format.

Since the course options available to NRT students via the AMP option are all online, the cost of tuition for the graduate courses are set by CSU Online. Since most courses available via this option are two (2) credits, the cost is approximately $1510 per course.

Financial Aid packages are specific to a student’s situation.  Students should contact the Office of Financial Aid to confirm how Financial Aid would work for their specific AMP scenario.

Students interested in the AMP option should meet with their academic support coordinator / advisor, either Paul Layden or Jacqie Hasan. They can discuss how the AMP option can be integrated to your NRT studies, review the program parameters, and provide the link for AMP acceptance. (Contact information can be found at the bottom of the page.)

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