Barborak, Jim Co-Director, Center for Protected Area Management and Training 219 Forestry (970) 491-2117

Berl, Richard Program Aide

DonCarlos, Andrew W Research Associate III / Ph.D. Student Forestry 200

Duke, Esther Director of Special Projects and Programs Forestry 232 (970) 491-2197

Finchum, Ryan Co-Director, Conservation Leadership Program; Field Director, Conservation Leadership Program. 219 Forestry (970) 491-7776

Gibson, Louisa Administrative Coordinator, Center for Collaborative Conservation rm 225, Student Services  9704914118

Golden, Jessica Stu Intern

Greene, Robert Stu Intern

Hasan, Jacqie Academic Support Coordinator 200 Forestry (970) 491-7951

Hollingsworth, Angela Program Planner Coordinator Laurel House (HMH) Rm#7 (970)491-7214

Lynch, Kelly Stu Staff Assistant

Mac Farland, Craig Protected Area Specialist 221 Forestry 491-6593

Mattor, KatherinePost-Doctoral Research Associate; Instructor Forestry 206 (970) 491-7285

McCallum, ShaneStu Intern

Miller, AbigailStu Admin Assistant I

Nelson, AlexanderStu Intern

Salcone, JacobStu Intern

Smith, TerraProgram Coordinator – Conservation Leadership through Learning Forestry 221 970-491-5884

Stafford, NicoleProgram Director of Environmental Learning Center Natural Resources 218 (970) 491-1661

Striegel, JessieProgram Aide F 233 970-491-6591

Tjossem, BergenStu Intern

Walker, SarahStu Intern

White, WesleyCommunications Specialist Forestry 207 9704911071