Master of Tourism Management

Communications for Conservation

Travel and recreation play an important role in shaping lives. A single excursion can change the way a person views the world. A successful company can boost its entire community’s economy. The tourism industry as a whole can support the livelihoods of millions while providing countless others unforgettable adventures for years to come. It just takes the right kind of manager to ensure this happens, and CSU’s online tourism degree gives you the insight and training you need to become just that.

The online Graduate Certificate in Communications for Conservation at Colorado State University offers conservation practitioners and communicators a holistic program for learning ideas, skills, and tools to communicate and engage with a wide range of public stakeholders, including media and communications specialists, decision-makers and thought leaders, other scientists, and everyday citizens.

Through coursework, students will study and apply concepts and practices in communications fundamentals, audience research and analysis, media literacy and relations, social-media engagement, strategic communications planning and messaging, social marketing, crisis management and communications, and related fields.

B.S. Natural Resource Tourism

Natural Resource Tourism Online prepares students for careers in natural resource related tourism positions in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. The tourism industry is one of the largest in the US and is the fastest growing economic sector globally (UNWTO). All around the world, people are recognizing the value and importance of travel and tourism, of engaging with other cultures and peoples, and experiencing the beauty and wonder of the natural environment.

Tourism is a dynamic, exciting industry that encompasses a wide variety of occupations and lifestyles. It is a perfect career direction for those with a passion for travel, adventure, learning about new cultures, and a deep appreciation for the natural world.