triangle graphic of key deliverables from this online graduate certificateBiodiversity loss. Recreation management. Climate change. Land and energy development. Conservation practitioners face critical and urgent environmental changes in the field. They also face crucial challenges to communicate conservation and foster action among community members, policymakers, industry officials, and media. 

Many conservation managers and scientists recognize and express the need for improved communication, engagement, and even advocacy and policymaking. Yet, most practitioners also report they lack communications knowledge and skills and are reluctant to venture into communications for conservation. 

The online Graduate Certificate in Communications for Conservation at Colorado State University offers conservation scientists, practitioners, and educators a holistic, accelerated program for learning ideas, practices, and tools to communicate conservation and interact with a wide range of stakeholders across a broad array of platforms and opportunities. 


The Online Graduate Certificate in Communications for Conservation is only offered online through Colorado State University Online. Each course is delivered via a sophisticated, online interactive learning platform which includes narrated presentations, discussion groups, and a range of multi-media content, including video interviews and discussions with agency professionals and industry experts. The courses are set up to encourage student interaction and engagement that will aid in building a network to last a lifetime.


Faculty for the Communications in Conservation graduate certificate have both academic knowledge and real-world, practical experiences in communications and media engagement. They have also worked closely with communications researchers and specialists, conservation practitioners and scientists, and communications experts from industry, government, and other fields to develop and deliver a holistic program that reflects established and emerging ideas and practices in communications for conservation.


This program consists of six graduate-level courses that can be completed at a pace that fits your career and life. Each course is an eight-week accelerated program of study focused specifically on key areas of knowledge for successful communications within conservation management and science. This encompasses fundamental communications concepts, media literacy and relations, digital and social media engagement, strategic communications planning and messaging, crisis communications, message and product development and implementation, and further topics.


This graduate certificate is designed to address a recognized need among conservation practitioners, state and federal agency professionals, and other environmental professionals for graduate-level education focused on communications concepts and practices. Recent surveys and studies demonstrate significant interests and NEEDS for greater communication and engagement on conservation challenges.

The Need for Conservation Communicators

Opportunities for Conservation Communicators